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IYLE training course

“Risk and Lifestyle education through Sport” 2006

The first training course in 2006 "Risk and Lifestyle education through Sport" took place 13-19 April in Portugal. ISCA member and project partner INATEL hosted the training course. Over 130 young people applied to participate while 22 persons were selected to take part in this innovative project dealing with subjects such as healthy lifestyle, risk taking, sharing and managing in local communities.


The training was mainly based on a non-formal learning approach called Risflecting that has been developed by some Austrian alpinists that wanted young fellow alpinists to deal with risk in a responsible and reflected way. The training course combined physical activity and risk management in daily life with a special focus on the risks youngsters and adolescents are confronted to.


In this regard it was very interesting and important to introduce the notion of lifestyle and especially well-being to the participants and underline the links between well-being and risk taking. Throughout the whole programme participants had the opportunity to go through a variety of different activities which focussed at the individual and collective risk competences and prepared participants to use this new gained skills in their organisational work and their activities.


We believe that risk competences and lifestyle competences should play a bigger role in the European youth work especially in regrad to crime and drug prevention. The results and methods from this training course are gathered in the up-coming "IYLE - Education through sport manual"