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NERO// Non-formal Education in Rural youth Organizations Bankya, Bulgaria 6-11 May 2011




What is NERO?

NERO – Non-formal Education in youth Rural Organizations  was focused on development of youth work, youth participation and youth organizations through non-formal education as the main topics. 

The main objectives of this training course were:

v  to build partnerships between NGOs and\or public institution to promote non-formal education and its values;

v  to incorporate non-formal education in the growth and development strategy of rural youth and sport club association

v  to understand the diverse role of voluntary work in the development of society

v  to built competences on how to use education through sport to increase active youth participation

v  to create a network of people interested in using the methodology      “education through sport”


The training was targeting:

 - Active volunteers

 - Youth leaders

 - Youth workers

Participants should have an interest to develop activities using “education through sport” inside their own organization.


The methodology of the training was based on a learner-centered approach where the participants brought their own experience and resources to the table and took a starting point in personal experience.


Participants were given the opportunity to share, discuss, learn about and develop new ideas within the theme of democratic youth participation. Participants were strongly encouraged to organize own projects after the course as well as to transfer what they learned during the course to their respective groups/organizations.


This training course managed to reach the objectives mentioned below by using the proper tools and engaging all participants in the activities that were taking place in Bankya during 6th and 11th of May thus guaranteeing  a real success to this project. The “Mission impossible” concept applied on this group was very inspiring especially for participants that have some experience with non-formal education. In order to have an idea of what is mentioned below, “Mission Impossible” was used as a main theme of the training course and below you can see also the there were three main categories on which the Mission impossible stand upon:


Expectation\plans\gains- Vault

Contribution\willing to share –Tools

Worries \ concerns - Risks


The group was called Nero’s 20 and a very clear similarity was made between Nero’s participants and Ocean’s 11. The trainers implemented many scenes from the movie in the training course in order to make it clear for the participants what is their mission as a group: a “highly lucrative and highly dangerous mission” to break the vault – meaning reaching their expectations and discover the outcome by using tools –sharing their knowledge and experience and also by contributing to this mission and thus taking their risks – meaning more exactly discovering their worries and solve them.

By the end of the training course the whole purpose was: MAKING THE MISSION POSSIBLE.



"NERO- highly lucrative and highly dangerous mission was a big challenge for all of us. From the very first moment of the training we felt involved and with strong need to participate in the tasks. This made us feel more united and motivating. Trough new methods we unlocked new knowledge and gained some new skills, we made connections and   completed the mission.  I am so happy that I was part of it, it was special in so many ways. It helped me to find new ideas and different view of doing already existing ones. Very soon Ivan, Eva and I will try to do event which was born in Bankyia, hopefully successful!  Magic NERO’s 20 are ready for new mission I would say."


                                                                                                        Marina Ivanovic, Serbia


" During whole NERO training I enjoyed educational process. I could see the structure and respect of the didactical principles as well as learning styles of participants. Whole group was involved. I felt dynamics in work and although some time I didn’t combine different activities, at very instant moment /for me it was go with the flow/ but after resuming the day and reflexion at the beginning of each new day I combined whole picture/settled in my brain/. I enjoyed during the practical activities, and whole concept of a mission made me realizing that all we do in one part of a mission in real life, just need to come to it from time to time.


Networking part also was full success for me because we generated several excellent ideas around the topic of sport and exchange although we all work in different areas/ to one extent/.


I received a lot of knowledge but as well as competencies. This training increased my self-confident. I used some elements of training with my participants and they responded with satisfaction. I’m planning to use some of the elements on next week training with adults. I feel more relaxed during trainings which I perform. "


                                                                                                 Edina Malkic, Bosnia & Herzegovina


"NERO, Bankya gathered together the royalty of Balkan and East European NGO workers. The wonderful organization of ISCA made it possible for us to meet, have fun and cooperate. The common goal was complicated – Non-formal education and promotion of NGO work in rural areas.

The venue, Jeravna hotel in Bankya, 10 km away from the capital Sofia, was beautiful, and the trainers’ team - even better than the venue. They organized our mission to unlock the knowledge about non-formal education and guided us through the many obstacles. On the way, intercultural cooperation really started to work. Thanks to the innovative methods, our organizations shared ideas, started partnerships, and began friendships. I am now sure that I will apply the learning outcomes of the training in my work and the work of the UNYA of Bulgaria.

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of NERO!"


                                                                                                           Atanas Mihnev, Bulgaria  

Mission Possible // Interaction with Local Community