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Global Dialogue Youth Training on Intercultural Dialogue and Cooperation

From 21st to 27th June 2010, Ljubljana hosted the “Global Dialogue” -  an international youth training activity that focused on intercultural dialogue and cooperation. Nineteen young leaders from all over the world gathered in the Slovenian capital city to discuss how Sport for All can promote and assist mutual understanding and social inclusion in our globalised society. The training was organised by ISCA in cooperation with the Sports Union of Slovenia and financially supported by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation.


With such a subject being addressed it was important that many different viewpoints were brought to the table, and this cultural diversity was assured through the participation of the 14 countries involved, stretching over 3 continents. The workshop featured participants from Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Scotland, The Republic of Macedonia, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Denmark, Estonia, New Zealand, Brazil and Argentina.


The training aimed to develop intercultural dialogue skills for leaders from different organisations active in the international youth field. The participants shared brilliant examples of using sport as a tool for social engagement in different multicultural environments, and developed strategies for influencing youth policies and recommendations made by international bodies for the future.


“Global dialogue” was a result of many years of ISCA´s experience organising youth events, such as trainings, seminars, workshops, forums, congresses and was also a result of the cooperation between Sport Union of Slovenia (SUS) and the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA). The project created a network of multipliers who are using intercultural learning as a method of development for young people, through capitalising on the value of diversity in participants’ different experiences and cultures.


The training was composed by innovative methodologies and was based on the principles and practise of non-formal education . Participants were challenged in small-group work and in plenary discussions, and were working from their own cultural starting points to discuss the interlinked topics of the training. They had the chance to present their organisations and their good practices in sport and social inclusion, and to learn about other countries, current strategies and projects ongoing all over the world. The process led to positive understanding and increased respect of the different backgrounds and cultures represented – as well as tangible solutions and ideas within the Sport for All topic.

The beauty of Ljubljana and the amazing nature of the country, made Slovenia the ideal place to host the training. Mayor of Ljubljana, Mr. Zoran Janković met the “Global Dialogue” team on the 24th June at the Town Hall and offered a tourist boat tour and city bikes, to admire the city of Ljubljana from different perspectives. The programme also included a traditional guided tour around Ljubljana, an excursion to the Slovenian coast and a lesson at the University of Koper, focusing on the Slovenian model of sport in universities.


The “Global Dialogue” training very much proved a success, with positive resources and strategies acquired from it and future plans developed. We welcome you to read Global Dialogue Newspaper.

Global Dialogue Newspaper (PDF, 3.98 MB)