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South East European Youth Leader Training Trough Sport

22-28 September 2008, Tivat, Montenegro, Hotel Kamelija In cooperation with “Montenegro Sport for all Association”

25 Young Persons gather in Montenegro for the SEEYOU Training.


Project Summary

The main themes of SEEYOU Training are intercultural dialogue and democratic development through grassroot sport. The objective is to offer non-formal education training to young persons of Balkan youth and sports organizations in order to assist with democratic development of ethnically diverse local clubs and associations. The training methodology will be based upon open space technology, which has been used by ISCA at previous EYF support trainings and seminars. The program will focus on two main issues that have been identified as important to youth in the region. The first is intercultural dialogue and the second is democratic development. ISCA has, from 2005-2007, implemented a Balkans project for sport organizations entitled Democratic Development Through Grassroot Sport. This project was targeting organizational leaders, and not particularly youth. The evaluation of this project identified the need to provide specific training opportunities for youth of the Balkan region with a focus similar to that of our previous project.



SEEYOU training is the recommendation of sport leaders of the region and fits into the long-term ISCA plans by continuing the development work of Balkan youth, sport and culture organizations. This training also fulfils one of the primary functions of ISCA, to match member organizations together for cross-border exchanges and support of activities.


SEEYOU has received financial support from the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.  The Sports Union of Slovenia is also a supporting partner.  The local cooperating partner is Montenegro Sport for All Association.