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Hauteville, France 13th-20th June 2011


ISCA and UFOLEP - Union Française des Oeuvres Laïques d'Education Physique, organized the ACTIVE training : healthy environment and volunteering in France at Hauteville-Lompnes (near Lyon)  on the 13th -20th June 2011.


Participants between 18 – 30 years old from 8 countries: Denmark, Slovenia, Portugal, Czech Republic,  United Kingdom, Iceland, Germany and France attended the event.

It was part of the Youth events that ISCA is running, and focused on environment, volunteering and education through sport as the main topics.


The methodology of the training is based on: Non Formal Education and Education through Sport.

On the 18th of June 2011 in Hauteville Raid’spect - an eco-responsible sport event - was held by UFOLEP. That is why it has been decided to organize the ACTIVE training at he same time and place to include this event as part of the programme.Therefore the participants had  the chance to be part of it either as a volunteer by helping the organizers or as a challenger by taking part in all the sport activities.
“Raid’spect Nature 5” is a sport challenge mixing different nature sports (archery, orienteering, aquatic cave, run & bike, mountain biking…). It is open to experts and beginners. All challengers were running in team of two people and  had to perform in every sport activity. For the beginners, the pathway was 34,5 km long that is to say around 5 hours of non-stop physical activities! It was a great opportunity to see how can look like a project that involves all the 3 topics that will be addressed during the training.
For more information on Raid'spect, look at the website (do not hesitate to use a page translator):


The objectives of the training were :

  • To extend awareness about environment in the sport for all field
  • To build competences on how to consider and integrate environment in sport
  • To understand the diverse roles of voluntarism in the development of society
  • To build competences on how to use the methodology “education through sport” to increase the active youth participation
  • To create a network of people interested in using the methodology “education through sport”


The general aim of the overall project called ACTIVE is to activate an international network that will act as a multiplier at a local/national level. The main specific aim of the ACTIVE training in France was to create a network of people interested in using the methodology “education through sport” that is why the participants were encouraged to share about their experiences, their organization’s work and to develop projects' ideas. It was pursued that the participant would be able to spread good practices and methodologies they got to know during the training, in their own organization and network.


The environment component as well as Active Youth Participation were also introduced in order to empower the participants and take and feel their responsibilities and roles in the society and their own communities. They even start practicing "flash-mob" as mean of communication during the training.


This training has been financially supported by Youth in Action programme of the European Commission and La Fondation de France.





The participants were initiated to the flashmob as way of being active to spread a message.
They have been practising it at Lyon Part-Dieu train station in Lyon:




ACTIVE Magazine

A magazine containing articles on the specific topics addressed during the ACTIVE training: Environment, Education through sport, Volunteering, Active Youth Participantion is being prepared by the participants.

It will also contain a collection of good practices of the participants' organisation projects as well as testimonials about the training course.


Testimonials: to be continued