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ACTIVE: Healthy lifestyle & Volunteering 17-24 October 2010, Frankfurt

22 young participants from 9 countries (Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Iceland, Portugal, Scotland, Slovenia, Romania) took part in the ACTIVE training organized by ISCA and DTJ: German Gymnastics Youth in co-operation with DGI, Denmark ; SUS, Slovenia; INATEL, Portugal ; NSA, The Netherlands ; SALSC, United Kingdom / Scotland ; UMFI, Iceland ;UFOLEP, France.

The event was co-financed by the “Youth in Action” programme of the European Commission and the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

It is part of the long term project ACTIVE and focused on healthy lifestyles and volunteering as main topics.

The methodology of the training was based on 3 pilars:

1)       Non Formal Education as a means of facilitating the learning process and increase the interactivity of the event;

2)       Education through Sport, stressing the importance of physical activity for a good health;

3)       “Learning by doing” or “learning through experience”, meaning that the practical things and individual experiences will be most of the time the starting point for the reflection.


The objectives of the training were:

  • to debate the role of voluntarism in the development of society;
  • to build competences on how to use the methodology education through sport;
  • to increase the active youth participation; to create a network of people who are interested in using the methodology education through sport in their activities.


A significant intercultural dialogue was pursued and reinforced the participants' competences in this field and at the same time contributed to open new perspectives and raise motivations on the selected topics.


The event represented a starting point for a network of young people who could act as multipliers at a local or national level. The strength of this network is that it includes the backgroung of previous youth experiences and will contribute to the implementation of future youth initiatives.

Participants‘ testimonials


During the weeklong stay in Frankfurt, I've learned that information and knowledge are best learned in a open environment, where values like honesty and respect are the best frames for learning. A healthy lifestyle means a balance between the "good" and the "bad". If you have too much focus on the good, it can be very unhealthy. […]

Nicolaj Ruby, Denmark


The Education through Sport workshop resulted in several learning experiences. […] The added value of the workshop was that it showed a more diverse image with different European perspectives. I realized that how we see Education through Sport in the Netherlands is not the only way. A second important learning experience is related to the ISCA congress that was organized at the same time as the workshop in Frankfurt. I got an impression of the different European Sport for All organizations that are active in the field. […] Last but not least I met some great people that are interested in the same things and who I already consider as good friends.

Ward Karssemeijer, The Netherlands


During the ACTIVE ISCA training I learned some new discussion and conversation techniques. The conversations with the other participants were very interesting. The most fun and interesting part of the week was the World Café to me. Here we were talking about items we bring in ourselves, and we discuss them and gave tips to each other. After this training we made a contact list and we still keep it touch. I build a network during this week that I can still use.

Karlijn Kooke, The Netherlands


[…] I didn't even know what ISCA was before the training and think it was a very useful training to get ideas for new projects. About the networking is to say, that some of us want to meet in April in the Netherlands to see each other again and of course to talk about our social work.

Sophie Spiekermann, Germany


[…] I never participated in a training course and, although my personal barriers, the biggest outcome is: I’ll never forget the days spent in Frankfurt! Super…

I started to advice everyone who have the same opportunity to participate on this kind of courses because this is the best way: not to be shy, to practice the English, to make foreign friends (leisure and professional contacts) and is where we have the possibility to learn to make changes in our organization, in the organization of the others participants because the voice of each one is very important to make the difference. […]

[…] For me working as a volunteer and as responsible of a scout group the most important practical outcome is: “How to motivate volunteers?”. This issue was discussed in a work group and I think this is a very good point to apply in my organization: recruit + reward = retain. But, thinking a little more, this is a principle that can be used in all areas […]

The training course is the open space where I can say what I know about the themes and learn what the other participants know about the same themes. While we are having fun we are learning too, at the same time!

At the end, we believe that “we are the world, we are the children…” just because we want…

Regina Marques, Portugal


The ACTIVE training was really useful for my job. I found out new ways how to promote new volunteers and how to keep them ACTIVE. I also met new people that I will definitely contact in the future when I will start projects and need partners. This was a good experience that I will use for the rest of my life.

Jóhanna Guðrún Snæfeld Magnúsdóttir, Iceland


I feel realy great after the training. It's the best thing to network around Europe. I get a lot of friends after this. The awesome thing was to be part of ISCA Congress […]. I can say I gain experience after this

Nejc Kovacic, Slovenia


The ISCA Active Training Workshop was a fantastic experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. During my week in Frankfurt I not only learnt a lot from my fellow participants about volunteering initiatives in different countries but also from our [trainers] about how to take a group of strangers and create a group dynamic that resulted in some fantastic conversations, ideas and exchanges. The workshop opened my eyes to challenges we all face but also the passion and willingness to work together to overcome these obstacles. However, perhaps the most valuable experience for me was starting the week with 23 strangers and leaving a week later having met 23 wonderful people who I am honoured to now call my friends. Truly that is the real, immeasurable reward of volunteering – not the skills that it brings to us but the life changing people we meet in the process that helps make us better and happier people.

Oliver Barsby, Scotland