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International Youth Leader Education

ISCA's Comprehensive Youth Training Programme

ISCA’s “International Youth Leader Education programme - IYLE” is specifically designed to integrate different ‘education through sport’ activities to achieve social integration and non-formal education among youth. The activities include camps, training courses, seminars and forums. The integration of these activities constitutes a diverse yet cohesive programme that provides training, cooperation and exchange of information among youth.


Following up on the presentation of the ISCA Youth Committee at the ISCA General Assembly in May 2004, the IYLE Steering Group started implementing a large scale youth project in order to empower young people to become active youth leaders in their organisations and in civil society in general.

The project contains the following activities:

·         Short and long term youth leader trainings

·         Youth camps

·         European Youth and Sport Forums

·         International co-operation activities with other youth organisations

·         A manual for youth leaders

·         Guidelines for youth activities

·         A Youth network - YOURCE


Many ISCA member organisations (UMFI, SUS, DTB, CASPV, NEMUNAS, SALSC) are partners in this project and other organisations joined the project during the implementation. (e.g. CCPR-Uk, ENGSO-Youth, etc)


The project is based on the principles of non-formal education and generally engaged a high number of young people (600 over 3 years) in international exchanges and project co-operation. The project consitutes a comprehensive youth training programme and gives impetus to the structure of the ISCA youth work.


The IYLE Steering Group is politically and organisationally guiding the project and the ISCA Project manager is mainly responsible for the coordination, supervision and good implementation of the project.

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