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IYLE youth camp

“Active Citizenship and Participation Through Sport” 2006

Taking place in Helsingør, Denmark from 2-9 July 2006, this camp was as well linked to the Council of Europe "All Different All Equal" campaign. The camp welcomed 55 young people to the Helsingør youth hostel to share their experiences and opinions in regard to active citizenship. Participants also explored the relation between active citizenship and manifestation of differences and promotion of equality. The camp was prepared and facilitated by 6 experienced volunteer camp leaders that had all a rather large experience in regard to active citizenship, human rights and participation.


The camp process was build on 4 main pillars:

· The group dynamic and team building

· The awareness raining in regard to cultural differences, human rights and

  active citizenship

· The concrete activation of participation and citizenship skills

· The planning of follow-up action in regard to the local or national youth

  work participants were involved.


By using a variety of outdoor activities and movement related exercises participants were challenged in respect to their opinions and democratic behaviour. Beside the physical process, the main interest of the activities were of course the debriefing discussion rounds, the small working groups and the presentation of result and the needed debate. A general conclusion of the camp has certainly been that citizenship and participation have different faces and are lived out by groups and individuals in different ways, based on diverse cultural, social, political and historical backgrounds.


The variety of civil and social actions in the group reached from social activities in a local youth or sport club up to regional project cooperation and national and international policymaking. The evaluation of the camp clearly states that the large range of experience and interest of participants has been covered by the programme and a good number of the participants kept in contact with ISCA and the other participants after the camp.