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Good Governance in Grassroots Sport Self Assessment Tool

ISCA's Good Governance in Grassroots Sport self assessment tool is a resource for grassroots sport organisations to test their governance practices. It was developed by the partners of the EU-supported Good Governance in Grasroots Sport project, including Transparency International.


The purpose of the tool is to offer access to a sport specific governance resource that will improve governance practices, and to assess the governance and leadership level in your organisation.


The assessment tool is not a survey, but is designed for use either for self assessment purposes or in a coordinated assessment of key processes inside your organisation to help you discuss and improve the governance in your organisation.


The self assessment tool is intended to help organisations in three ways:


  1. To encourage their commitment to good governance and put the issue of good governance higher on an organisational and external agenda.
  2. To initiate and achieve sustainable development by encouraging the development of systems and processes to address identified shortcomings.
  3. To give organisations the opportunity to develop their strategies and leadership based on good examples from the grassroots sport sector and in consultation with the good example owners.


The tool is a self-regulatory tool. It has a checklist format, but is not appropriate or possible for an outside organisation to use the tool to audit performance. The tool relies on self-regulation and self assessment allowing each organisation to determine how well they are doing against each of the Principles.


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