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The MOVE&Learn platform is dedicated to explaining how sport is a powerful tool that can be used to enhance different learning processes. The MOVE&Learn manual explains the approach of Education T... Read more »



Grassroots Sport Diplomacy

Grassroots Sports Diplomacy is a concept of relevance for developing external relations for the EU and official European bodies; national governments and national governmental agencies; and national N... Read more »



European network for promotion of women’s sports

The Alice Milliat Foundation led the EU co-funded European Network for Promotion of Women’s Sports project and as part of the project, the partners organised two activities for women under the E... Read more »



MOVEment Spaces

Addressing the needs of the growing urban population and relying on the EU Physical activity guidelines ISCA started a new project called MOVEment Spaces to promote and enhance facilities for physical... Read more »



Integration of Refugees through Sport

Two projects – one goal: to better integrate refugees through sport and physical activity.In 2016, ISCA, with funding from the Nordplus and Erasmus+ programme, started working on two projects ad... Read more »



Active Voice

Giving grassroots sport organisations a more “ActiveVoice” in physical activity policyThe ActiveVoice project aims to develop relevant tools and resources that will help enhance grassroots... Read more »