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  * ISCA Executive Committee meeting in Paris
  * EuroVolNet seminar in the UK
  * Declaration on grassroots sport and citizenship
  * Mobilizing youth through sport and technology
  * eLF – e.Learning Fitness
  * International PhD scholarship – University of Central Lancashire
  * Spin – Sport Inclusion Network
  * Conference on volunteering in education and training
  * International beach Tchoukball festival

ISCA Executive Committee Meeting in Paris
Paris, 8-10 April 2011

On the occasion of its latest meeting, the ISCA Executive Committee visited the hosts of the 2011 edition of the MOVE congress and ISCA General Assembly in Paris. The Committee expressed its great satisfaction regarding the progress of the preparation works of the event, and exchanged good practice experiences with the local hosts, namely UFOLEP, USEP and La Ligue.


Beyond a preparatory session with regard to the next General Assembly, the Executive Committee discussed the recent developments within the world of Sport for All, including a wide-ranging global update by ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby, Latin American Continental Committee Chair Maria Luiza Souza Dias, Asian Continental Committee Chair N. Shanmugarajah, ISCA Europe Chair Filippo Fossati and last but not least the North America promotion initiative led by Gil Penalosa. The later initiative will engage in a dialogue with the organisers of the Global50Forum in order to foster future initiatives on the North American continent.


Finally, ISCA’s Executive Committee adopted a new working structure aimed at enhancing the liaison between ISCA project work and the political decision making. In that respect, it has been agreed to form a “Political Project Monitoring Group” led by ISCA Vice-President Prof. Dr. Herbert Hartmann.


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EuroVolNet Seminar in the UK
What are trends, opportunities and challenges for volunteering in Europe?

EuroVolNet Seminar - May 6-8, 2011, Chatham Maritime, Medway Campus, United Kingdom


EuroVolNet project, supported by the European Commission, Education and Culture DG, under the “2010 Preparatory Action in the Field of Sport” gives its contribution to EYV 2011 and to fostering the exchange of best practices regarding legal, organizational and funding related aspects of voluntary activity in sport. 16 project partners form a network of actors involved in the management and running of sport associations.


Representatives from 16 project partners associations will gather their knowledge and experiences on the next project event EuroVolNet Seminar which will be held in Chatham Maritime in UK from 6th to 8th of May, organized by one of EuroVolNet partners, the University of Kent. The Seminar will give time and space for further discussion between EuroVolNet Partners and other relevant institutions and organizations to improve coordination in volunteering cross Europe.


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Declaration on grassroot sports and citizenship
Sport and Cultures in Dialogue - a never ending journey!

The Sport and Cultures in Dialogue project established a fruitful dialogue among project partners and stakeholders at the European and national level. It called on the European Commission to further strengthen its on-going dialogue and cooperation with civil society actors in general and the sport for all sector in particular.


More than 290 participants from Local Citizens Panels in Albania, Macedonia, Croatia and Slovenia developed initiatives and future perspectives summed-up in the 2010 Declaration on grass-root sport and citizenship. The declaration was adopted at the Sport Citizens’ Forum in Slovenia (November 2010), and states that in order to achieve European Citizenship, we need to live and breathe European values bottom-up. Grass-root sport is a sector that can embody and further values such as respect, openness, fairness, equality and human rights as a basis for citizenship and democracy in Europe.


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Mobilizing youth through sport and technology
Apply now! 14-19 June 2011 Vienna

“Europe’s youth are growing up in a connected world of internet access, mobile phones and electronic interactivity. Sport remains the most effective means for youth engagement and participation. Efficient use of media is the infrastructure for reaching and engaging youth today, where numerous studies from inside and outside of Europe document how young people are using various media sources as outlets to participate, share knowledge and – more generally – engage in societal matters.

The seminar “Mobilizing Youth through Sports and Technology” will take place between 14-19 June 2011, in Vienna, Austria, and will involve 24 European participants. It is designed to develop and share hands-on knowledge on how media can further young people’s participation and active citizenship through Sports. Through workshops, round-tables and the presentations and discussions of tools, the linkages between media (be it of social or more technical nature) and youth engagement and initiative will be explored.


The project is organized by ENGSO Youth (European Non -Governmental Sports Organisation Youth), ISCA (International Sport and Culture Association) and Sportunion Österreich.”


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eLF – e.Learning Fitness

A European training system for e-learning in fitness


This project proposes the creation of a system of training and qualification, based on EQF - the European Qualification Framework - in the fitness industry, culminating with a permanent institution of a National Register of Certifications in 14 European countries. A long term target is to improve health - hence the quality of life - to all the people possibly involved in fitness activities: almost everybody, if this is done by qualified instructors, and paying attention to individual needs.


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Hosting Sports Mega-Events in Developing Economies


This project will focus on developing economies, such as Brazil, that have hosted, will host, or aspire to host, a sports mega-event. The project will involve the use of archival materials, historical analysis and qualitative research methods. It will examine novel conceptual and methodological approaches in social science that can be used to investigate the sustainability of the social, economic and cultural legacies associated with sports mega-events when hosted in a developing economy.


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Spin – Sport Inclusion Network

The scarce representation of migrants and their exclusion from responsibility positions, also in sport across Europe, is a fact. Spin – Sport Inclusion Network, works in this field and aims at spreading knowledge about potential positive role of sport in terms of social inclusion of migrant people, through exchange and creation of good practices at European level.


During the coming 14 months the project features international trainings for trainer, workshops on inclusion through sport in all partner countries addressed to clubs and sport institutions, public events at the occasion of the European refugee day and a guide on good practices for sport associations and clubs.


The SPIN project is co-funded by European Commission and gathers the following partners:

- VIDC/FairPlay from Austria

- Camino from Germany

- UISP Emilia Romagna from Italy

- FAI Football Association of Ireland from Ireland

- Liikkukaa from Finland

- Mahtma Gandhi Human Rights from Hungary

- SJPF Portouguese Players Union from Portugal


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Conference on Volunteering in Education and Training
EUCIS-LLL - 9 May 2011, Krakow

Volunteers play an essential role within education and training organisations in the formal and non-formal systems. For instance, it is crucial to look at the role of volunteering to develop skills and competencies for personal, social and civic development as well as to look at ways of recognizing or validating them. Educational providers have also a specific role to play regarding volunteering in terms of guidance and training. The conference will tackle these issues notably during its four thematic workshops. It takes place during the European Year 2011 on Volunteering and aims to contribute to the debates by providing a specific insight on lifelong learning. Experts from the various sectors and levels of education and training will participate to share their experiences and will work on policy recommendations.


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International Beach Tchoukball Festival
7-8 May 2010, Rimini, Italy

The Italian Tchoukball Federation is glad to invite you to take part in the 9th International Beach Tchoukball Festival. The Festival will take place on the beach of Viserba di Rimini on Saturday 7th May and Sunday 8th May 2010. 

Please visit the website and find detailed information about the Festival, the rules and the registration form.


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