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Your first step towards change is to support the No Elevators Day Thunderclap campaign

It’s time to put your feet down in the fight against the inactivity curse. The path towards a healthier lifestyle is full of stairs and we dare you to climb them. Join our Thunderclap campaign to show your support. It will be a one-time commitment that lasts for a lifetime!


This year, No Elevators Day is going global because we have seen an increasing interest in the European edition of the event that has stretched as far and wide as South America. With every new stair champion who takes part, we will reduce the cost of inactivity, one unit at a time. In Europe physical inactivity is creating an 80 billion euro debt each year.


If you are not sure that the staircase in your building has super reception to share your stair climbing via social media on the day, join our Thunderclap already today - this will guarantee that your friends and peers will hear about No Elevators Day on 25 April. Don’t worry, it is not a spam, but an automated one-time message that will appear on your Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr page only.


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Get ready for No Elevators Day on 25 April – find out how you can join in

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