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Why is it important for sport and non-sport organisations to collaborate on refugee inclusion? Share your opinion in our new survey

Are you a sport or non-sport organisation working on activities that include and involve refugees or asylum seekers? Or would you like to start working in this area? Then we would love to hear your opinion in our new MOVE Beyond survey.


MOVE Beyond is a 2-year EU Erasmus+ Collaborative Partnership in the field of Sport that is bringing grassroots sport organisations in Denmark, Italy, Sweden and the UK together with non-sport NGOs, including the Red Cross and Save the Children, to collaborate on pilot initiatives for and with refugees.


As the project’s four partner pairs prepare to start their pilots, we are seeking individuals and organisations who are working in or are interested in this field to share advice from your experience or your thoughts on the subject in our new survey.


The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete - access the survey here.


Please complete the survey by Saturday 31 August 2019 for your opinion to be counted in our project’s research and reporting.


Your answers will be anonymous and will be used to inform our project team and the public about important factors to consider when working on the Integration of Refugees through Sport and other refugee inclusion programmes.


We guarantee that your contribution will help us all to take important steps to address this important topic in Europe!


If you’d like to know more about the MOVE Beyond project please visit


If you would like to learn more about Integration of Refugees through Sport from our European partners, please check out our free online course at


NEW: Council of Europe’s Sport Migrant Integration Platform endorses ISCA’s Integration of Refugees through Sport course.