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Velo-city Global 2010

Copenhagen, June 22-25, 2010

The European Cyclists' Federation, the City of Frederiksberg and the City of Copenhagen are excited to invite you to the first ever VELO-CITY GLOBAL 2010, a conference that brings together cycling experts, city planners, decision makers, NGOs and researchers from all over the world to discuss the potential and challenges of cycling.


The conference will take place in the heart of Copenhagen, one of the world's most inspiring cycling cities, and will offer you first hand experience of the city's many innovative initiatives in the field of cycling.


"ECF has held Velo-city conferences on cycling since 1980. We now invite participants from all over the world for the 2010 edition under the name Velo-city Global 2010.


Congestion, obesity, climate change and quality of life in the cities are important global issues. Cycling has a vital role to play in tackling these problems and in improving the climate and quality of life in the cities.


I hope we may welcome you in 'cycling city' Copenhagen June 2010 to learn how to invest in the mobility of the future",  Manfred Neun, ECF President.

Different Gears - Same Destination

The 2010 edition of the ECF Velo-city conference series is the first Velo-city conference under the name Velo-city Global to bring together cycling experts and professionals from all over the world in Copenhagen, Denmark's capital. From June 22-25, 2010, it will highlight the bicycle's potential to enhance the quality of life around the world and to solve global challenges such as congestion, obesity and climate change. By going global in ‘cycling city’ Copenhagen the conference is celebrating 30 years of Velo-city conferences held by the European Cyclists' Federation and the previous host cities.


We have chosen the conference name “Different Gears - Same Destination” because we believe that despite our differences, we are all heading in the same direction. We come from different backgrounds, are at different stages and might have different challenges, depending on whether we live in New York, Rio or Amsterdam, but we share the common goal of getting more people cycling throughout the world


We see the very different backgrounds of the participants as a driving force of the conference, and we as organisers will do all we can to make the participants seize this unique opportunity to join forces across continents, regions and cities.

What is Velo-city?

What is Velo-city?

Velo-city is widely respected as the premier international cycling planning conference series in the world.

Cycling is increasingly recognised as an efficient, healthy, quick and environmental form of transport, and Velo-city seeks to encourage cycling as a part of daily transport and recreation.


The name Velo-city is a small play on words using the French word for bicycle - vélo, and Velo-city can also be read as velocity or speed. The series name is owned by the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF).


Velo-city began in 1980 in Bremen with around 300 participants and was heavily involved in the founding of the European Cyclists' Federation three years later. In its almost 30 years of existence, the conference has been hosted by major European cities such as London (1984), Barcelona (1997) and Paris (2003) and smaller forerunner cycling cities alike, such as Groningen (1987) and Basel (1995).


Velo-city conferences attract not just one type of profession, but bring together all those who are involved in the policy, promotion and provision for cyclists. Answering the growing demand for expertise in cycling from cities, ECF has decided to hold an annual Velo-city conference as of 2010.


For more information on the Velo-city, please click here.

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The world's largest bicycle conference, VeloCity Global 2010 takes place in Copenhagen. Hope to see you there. We're getting ready to welcome you. Advert produced by Copenhagenize Consulting for The City of Copenhagen and VeloCity 2010.