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Two continents on the MOVE!

Over the past week, two continents, Europe and Latin America, have been putting the spotlight on physical activity. The two campaigns running right now with many ISCA members strongly involved are the MOVE Week in Latin America (Semana Muévela) and the European Week of Sport (both from 23-30 September).


Both campaigns are strong illustrations of ‘staying in the game’, ‘doing what we do best’ and showing that ‘important initiatives should not be cancelled, but adapted’. Well done MOVING PEOPLE.


The Covid-19 restrictions have created many obstacles for recreational sport and physical activity. However, despite all the restrictions, clubs and organisations have continued to provide physical activity options for our fellow citizens.


Clearly some activities and events have had to be cancelled, but many activities have also been adapted to the new situation. And that is very important!


It is important for at least three reasons:


  1. Clubs and organisations are meant to follow their missions. Their legitimacy is created through what they do to help people be active and feel connected in society.
  2. Physical inactivity is still the fourth leading death risk globally – and it will still be the case towards the end of 2020.
  3. Realising activities and events illustrates that we consider what we do as being IMPORTANT. Cancelling activities could indicate that what we do is something peripheral and less vital to society. But many governments and campaigns have actually encouraged people to stay active for their health and wellbeing during lockdowns, which has underlined that what we do really matters.


And at times when we have to work hard to keep recreational sport and physical activity on the political agenda, we need to illustrate the importance of our work by continuing to do what we do best – MOVING PEOPLE.


Comment by ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby


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