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Try out European Fitness Badge tests during the German and Austrian European Week of Sport

Developed by seven European countries and supported by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Sport programme, the European Fitness Badge is the latest innovative tool that can use to test your participants’ fitness levels and guide their development. During the European Week of Sport in Germany and Austria, the participants who take the test, gather guidance and receive their certificate will be part of the biggest data collection of fitness information in Europe.


The European Fitness Badge is on the one hand an individual confirmation of a person’s fitness status, awarding this status on three levels: Basic, Advanced and Approved. On the other hand, it is also an effective instrument for sport and health organisations to raise awareness among the adult population in Europe about the importance of enhancing their health through fitness.


Thus the European Fitness Badge is helping to:

• motivate and support people towards changing their behaviour to an active lifestyle;

• invite, include and commit more people to exercise, sport and physical activities.


In Germany, participants will be able to test the European Fitness Badge during the opening event of the European Week of Sport in the country, the “Landeswandertag” (Hiking Day), organised by the Hessischer Turnverband, on 17 September in Frankfurt Bonames. The day will combine hiking activities for the whole family together with the opportunity for participants to test their fitness status. Later in the month, on 29-30 September, the highlight at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, where the already experienced European Fitness Badge trainers from the Internationales Deutsches Turnfest, will test more than 150 participants in the Test Profiles 1 and 2. More information and a link to register can be found at the beginning of September on the sports institute’s website.


In Austria, within the context of the “Tag des Sports” (Day of Sport), participants of the European Week of Sport in Vienna will be able to test their fitness level on 23 September. Test Profiles 1 and 2 will be available for participants to complete and receive their corresponding certificates and counselling from certified European Fitness Badge trainers.


It doesn’t matter which role in the promotion of healthy and active lifestyles you play, the European Fitness Badge has something to offer you and therefore your community. Trainers, teachers, sport organisation managers and all sport for all stakeholders can all benefit from the European Fitness Badge, so don’t miss the opportunity to try it out during the European Week of Sport.


Visit the European Fitness Badge website for more information on training and testing opportunities, and get ready to #BeActive and catch the badge!


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