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Spolint in Slovenia looks at its own Changes, Opportunities and Innovations after the MOVE Congress

October and November have been intense months for the Institute Spolint ( In the spirit of opportunities, innovation and changes affirmed at the MOVE Congress, the Institute has been engaged in many activities under its programme “Sportikus” (, a multi-measure platform aimed at promoting social inclusion in/through sport.


Opportunities As Slovenian coordinator of the European campaign “FARE Action Weeks”,

Spolint has organised and supported many events all over the country with the support of

FARE (Football Against Racism Europe - It has been a great opportunity to establish new partnerships and to consolidate existing ones with relevant stakeholders in the Slovenian framework (official bodies of the Italian minority, the public agency “Sport Ljubljana”, schools, youth centres, sport clubs, the Partizan Skofja Loka, the Sports Union of Slovenia, diplomatic missions, media, academy, public bodies and others).


The Institute has organised two workshops in the high schools of the Italian minority (topic: sport, social inclusion, human rights), two workshops targeted at football supporters (topic: sport and anti-racism) in the “House of Sport” of Ljubljana, the FAIR PLAY DAY, a round-table with representatives of the Italian Minority (topic: sport and intercultural dialogue) and a fair play protocol before the international youth hockey tournament “Zmajcek”, organised by the Hockey Club Olimpija Ljubljana. All the activities have been coordinated by Antonio Saccone, an Italian trainer currently working in Slovenia thanks to a Grundtvig grant. The EU can therefore also offer meaningful opportunities to promote change and innovation in the sport and physical activity sector.


Innovation Looking at our complex society, every successful policy needs to be based on cross-sector collaboration. Accordingly, the Institute has consolidated its cross-sector network of partners, including representatives of minority groups. The FAIR PLAY DAY demonstrates this in particular: over 60 children with and without disabilities met to train and play different sports (football, volleyball, karate, gymnastics, table tennis). Darko Duric (Slovenian Paralympic Champion in swimming) and Teoman Alibegovic (former basketball player; 990 points with the Slovenian national team) joined the event to motivate children, teachers, coaches, parents and leaders to keep on being involved in sport. The project has been implemented in collaboration with Sports Union of Slovenia, Partizan Skofja Loka and the school Janela Janezica, which are already co-working in the framework of MOVE. The collaboration, which engaged two ISCA members, has been positive.


Changes If we want to engage 100 million more EU citizens in sport and physical activity by 2020, we have to make the sport environment more inclusive and tolerant. Sport, games and physical activity are great cost-effective tools to improve people's life in many ways: health, socialisation, education, participation and leisure are just few examples. But firstly it is necessary to make the sport environment more inclusive and respectful. Therefore, any activity oriented towards fostering education in/through sport looks relevant indeed.


Opportunities, innovations, changes: these are not just simple attractive words, they are the way forward. Spolint is trying to MOVE on. Come with us.


By Antonio Saccone [email protected]


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