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Share your good examples of grassroots initiatives for women in sport 

ISCA, as a partner of the Us Girls Europe project, led by our UK member StreetGames, is currently mapping good practices of successful projects (or particular aspects of them), initiatives, events or campaigns around Europe that encourage more girls and young women to volunteer in grassroots sport activities. Do you know about any in your city, region, country? If so, please let us know about it by answering a few questions:


- Describe it briefly (who, what, where it is/was done)

- What activities are/were carried out

- What are the key successes of the project?

- Contact information of the project/initiative (website, email…)


Please send your good examples to ISCA's contact person for the project, Monika Resetar [email protected]


The Us Girls Europe project aims to increase participation in and equality of access to grassroots sport and physical activities by young women with fewer opportunities aged 13-30 years. It will do so through building the capacity of female volunteers as peer educators. It is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme.


Please visit StreetGames' website to find out more information about the project