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Save the dates for No Elevators Day and MOVE Week in 2017

Two of the NowWeMOVE campaign's hallmark European events, No Elevators Day and MOVE Week, are confirmed to take place once again in the Northern Hemisphere's spring in 2017.


No Elevators Day will be held on the last Wednesday in April, which is 26 April in 2017. This event follows on from two previous editions which engaged companies, politicians and individuals wanting to promote an easy way to fit physical activity into their colleagues' working day. The catch phrase #NowWeTakeTheStairs gained momentum on social media as the participants shared their activities on the day.


After a successful move to May this year, MOVE Week will now have a regular starting date in the last week of May from 2017 onward. This means that MOVE Week will take place from Monday 29 May-Sunday 4 June in 2017. This year, the NowWeMOVE campaign's flagship week offered over 2000 free grassroots sport and physical activity events across Europe, thanks to the determination of the campaign's National Coordinators and MOVE Agents to guarantee a successful transition from autumn to spring.


ISCA will soon release a call for MOVE Agents for both No Elevators Day and MOVE Week and provide resources and ideas to help interested organisations and individuals organise their events.


In the meantime, please visit the official No Elevators Day and MOVE Week webpages to find out more and imagine how you will MOVE your communities next April or May.