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NowWeBike Officially Kicks Off in Mugla

On 24 July 2015 NowWeBike, European Cross-Border Cycling Tour has officially started in Mugla, Turkey. The opening ceremony featured traditional Turkish farewell ritual and speeches given by several local authorities. NowWeBike is part of NowWeMOVE campaign and will be taking place from 24 July to 9 September 2015. During those 7 weeks the team will cross 12 borders and cycle 2,700 km across Europe finishing in Brussels, the European capital.

Before the official ceremony NowWeBike team visited Mugla Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports. Feridun Ekmekci, the head of ENVERCEVKO (Energy Efficiency and Environment Protection Association) and the coordinator of NowWeBike team gave his special thanks to the Director of Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports, Bekir Ceker for the organization of official opening ceremony.
At the opening ceremony at Konakalti Culture Center Osman Gurun, the mayor of Mugla, Amir Cicek, the governor of Mugla, and Feridun Ekmekci, the coordinator of NowWeBike team, all gave profound speeches about the importance of tourism and alternative tourism potential of Mugla in terms of culture, food, music, folklore, nature and biking.

The mayor underlined the cultural uniqueness of Mugla. “The city of Mugla wants to have more visitors from different parts of the world to share its cultural and natural beauties and historical heritage,” Gurun said. He also wished good luck to the team on their long tour. The governor of Mugla, Amir Cicek said that Mugla worked hard in terms of international cultural and sports project and NowWeBike is a good example of these successful projects. “In terms of developing democratic values, I find it quite essential that NowWeBike team finishes their tour in Brussels, the center of democracy,” Amir Cicek said.

Ekmekci gave his special thanks for the support of NowWeBike team to the mayor, the governor, the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, Mugla Provincial directorate of Youth and Sports and Mentese Metropolitan municipality. All those institutions worked together to coordinate the support of NowWeBike team. “ENVERCEVKO is the first association advocating environment friendly bike transportation in Mugla. As the members of ENVERCEVKO, we are the only four volunteer cyclists including one female, the NowWeBike team supported by ISCA and ECF, to cycle to Brussels giving the message that bike is one of the most enjoyable ways of having a healthy active life,” Ekmekci said.

“On your way to Brussels Mugla is the starting point. So we want to bid you farewell by pouring water behind,” the mayor said and did so together with the governor and the directors of the Mugla province. This ritual is a Turkish tradition meaning “speed and hurry back and have a good and safe journey.” After the ceremony the directors, NowWeBike team and young cyclists had a cycling tour in the centre of Mugla.

By Emel Çalkam, NowWeBike blogger

NowWeBike is part of NowWeMOVE campaign and will be taking place from 24 July to 9 September 2015. During those 7 weeks the team will cross 12 borders and cycle 2,700 km across Europe. For more information about NowWeBike tour, the team and side events visit our website.

NowWeBike team’s bicycles and all the bicycle equipment have been provided by the support of MOSSO.

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