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No Elevators Day 2021: Colourful, vast and engaging

The 7th edition of the global No Elevators Day was celebrated on 28 April, uniting diverse participants from different corners of the world: organisations, individuals and even animals! With the impressive amount pictures and videos shared with the hashtags #NoElevatorsDay and #UseTheStairs, this No Elevators Day was enthusiastically embraced after this challenging year and showed how much people have been missing MOVEment.


This year’s message #UseTheStairs was continued from the adapted 2020 No Elevators Day – and proved to remain relatable in the current situation, as long as the pandemic limitations remain in force. However, in many countries universities, schools and kindergartens, gyms and sport facilities have re-opened making it possible for the local coordinators to organise fun and engaging events.


Pictured above, one of the most impressive efforts to showcase the link between physical activity and public spaces, which is the main theme of the 2021 No Elevators Day, was the BG Be Active initiative to paint orange the stairs of the Alyosha’s monument in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. With this temporary urban intervention, the association managed to promote the need for more daily physical activity and showcase the stairs as a wonderful place for training and movement.


Read the full story on the No Elevators Day website here


By Maria Malyshkina, ISCA