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New Eurobarometer a “wake-up call”: ISCA Europe Chairman Filippo Fossati

The European Commission has now released its Special Eurobarometer on Sport and Physical Activity survey results for 2013, revealing little change in sport physical activity participation since 2009 and up to a 20% increase of citizens who are never active in their leisure time in Europe’s least active countries.


“The growing gap between the most and least physically active citizens is a wake-up call to all relevant sectors and it shows us that we need to keep our full focus on participation – also in the Erasmus+ programme,” ISCA Europe Chairman Filippo Fossati says.


“We need to establish a broad, inclusive appeal and approach. We must include, promote and support activities from walking and transport cycling to recreational sport and physical activity and we need all relevant sectors to take ownership of this challenge. ISCA is happy to have established the NowWeMove campaign and MOVE Week to address this very issue.”


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