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MOVE your city on 13 September 2015

MOVE your city on 13 September 2015

Flash Mobs are a great tool to get people together, be active and create a buzz around anything you want to promote. But what are they exactly? No more than spontaneous routines performed in public by a group of people for a short period of time. It takes some practise in advance, but the choreography is usually easy enough for anyone to join in.

The European MOVE Week Flash Mob, called Flash MOVE, will be taking place on the 13 September 2015, before the start of the MOVE Week in most countries, to promote and create awareness around the event. We have now published everything you need to organise your own Flash MOVE: the official guide, step-by-step tutorial videos and the registration portal so you can make your numbers count.

In 2014, 3.463 participants took part in the European MOVE Week Flash Mob through 71 cities in 21 countries.

Join the movement, start planning your FlashMOVE early and help us to make grow these figures. Find out more here.