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MOVE Week 2014 Flash Mob: Join in and MOVE your city this September

Flash Mobs are a great tool to get people together, be active and create a buzz around anything you want to promote. But what are they exactly? No more than spontaneous routines performed in public by a group of people for a short period of time. It takes some practise in advance, but the choreography is usually easy enough for anyone to join in.


Want to give it a try and surprise your city? Help us promote MOVE Week in as many cities as possible on 20 September and be part of the fun!


Last year, the MOVE Week flash mob was a great success, with MOVE Agents in 34 European cities surprising people passing by and getting them to MOVE. To see how they did it, watch the MOVE Week 2013 flash mob video here


This year we have planned for the flash mobs to take place a week before MOVE Week, at 17:00 on 20 September to raise awareness of the official start of MOVE Week 2014 on 29 of September.


We have all you need to organise your own flash mob!

At you can find our step-by-step guide to the MOVE Week 2014 flash mob and a video of the new choreography is on YouTube here . For more information contact your country’s National Coordinator.


Visit the MOVE Week 2014 flash mob page here