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MOVE Congress 2015 is just around the corner: What are our participants expecting from the event?

This year the MOVE Congress will be held in Copenhagen from 5-7 November and will gather 250 stakeholders from Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Whilst awaiting the start of the MOVE Congress 2015 we asked some of the participants about their expectations for the outcomes of the MOVE Congress 2015 that would be important for them. As a few of the MOVE Week national coordinators stated:


“I am looking forward to meet great colleagues (NC, ISCA team) and share experiences with them, networking with new people and widen my knowledge about promoting physical activity through "Advocate. Innovate. Fundraise." scheme.” Peter Bakalár, MOVE Week National Coordinator, Slovakia


“Learn new things, hear and exchange good practices!” Marina Ivanovic, MOVE Week National Coordinator, Serbia


“Share thoughts and ideas - get motivated and learn from everybody. Focus should be on positive things and our goals - main goals to get people active. We gain our goals with the strengths that are in - and our strength is the empowerment of the team and great project management from ISCA leaders.” Sabína Steinunn Halldórsdóttir, MOVE Week National Coordinator, Iceland


Clearly the participants are very excited to attend and take part in the conference, gain new knowledge and share their experience with the professionals and experts of the field. This year the MOVE Congress will concentrate on three main topics: advocacy, innovation and fundraising, all very relevant subjects in the recreational sport and physical activity sector. The new knowledge and skills will encourage the participants to engage in partnerships and cross-sector collaborations that motivate more people to be physically active, and contribute to ISCA’s vision of 100 million more Europeans physically active by 2020.


If you would like to learn more about the MOVE Congress 2015, please find more information here.


By Vizma Bramane, ISCA/ECF