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ISCA turns 25 today! “Thank you for your contributions and involvement in ISCA”

By ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby.


Today we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the International Sport and Culture Association. 25 years ago, the founding members had an interest in open collaboration and sharing inspiration in recreational sport or sport for all, as it was called.


They identified the need to connect organisations from different countries and cultures, and as a result they founded ISCA. Today we are more than 250 member organisations who support the idea of uniting, sharing and collaborating.


During 2020 we will use various occasions to celebrate this anniversary. We will look back into our history and we will discuss the future of recreational sport and physical activity and, not least, our future priorities. On behalf of the Executive Committee and the Secretariat, I would like to thank you for your contributions and involvement in ISCA. Let’s continue Moving People.


Watch the full mesage from Mogens Kirkeby in this video

Image below, 1995 to 2020: The first official ISCA photo was taken of representatives of the founding members in front of a liberty column in Copenhagen, which symbolises the ‘right to move’ and was given to the Danish people by the King in 1788. We took the opportunity to take a picture the same place 25 years later - our staff may be different, but our goal is the same: Moving People!