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ISCA launches the European MOVE WEEK

Join the European week of Sport and Physical Activity

At the occasion of the SPORTVISION2012 Conference hosted within the framework of the Danish Presidency of the European Union, the International Sport and Culture Assoction ISCA has announced the launch of the European Week of Sport and Physical Activity called the MOVE WEEK.


In 2012, ISCA EUROPE together with its member organisations and cooperation partners officially launch the first edition of the MOVE WEEK under the motto ‘100 MILLION MORE EUROPEANS ACTIVE IN SPORT AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY BY 2020’.


The first MOVE WEEK edition will feature diverse activities and events across Europe and will take place from:


In the coming years the vision is to grow the MOVE WEEK to become the biggest community sport event in Europe and gather millions of Europeans around a joint sports and physical activity event.


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The European MOVE WEEK is an annual European wide campaign week promoting sport and physical activity and their positive impact on European societies. The MOVE WEEK engages individuals, organisations and cities from across Europe in a large-scale celebration of sport and physical activity, by promoting the myriad of successful sport and physical activity initiatives across Europe and initiate new ones. During the campaign week each participating organisation or city creates one or more events that will mobilize citizens to gather and engage in sport or physical activity. These events include club activities that are presented to the wider public, including trial sessions and open door arrangements, but equally large events in public spaces, such as walkathons and running events, dance or gymnastic events, or any other popular activities that can rally citizens to participate in the MOVE WEEK. Above all the events shall be designed to be good fun, promote sport and physical activity, gather the local community around a joint-project and generate positive publicity for the organisation, community, or city.


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MOVE WEEK Leaflet (PDF, 3.39 MB)