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ISCA Executive Committee met in Rejkjavik

The ISCA Executive Committee met in Reykjavik Iceland for its 2nd meeting in 2010.

Among the topics of the agenda the Executive Committee outlined the strategies for the future activities on the various continents, respecting the continental historical and cultural diversities in the field of grassroots sport and recreational physical activity.


During the meeting the ISCA Executive Committee was invited to a reception of the Icelandic president Mr Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, who himself promotes physical active and healthy lifestyle.

The ISCA Executive committee meeting was kindly hosted by the Icelandic Youth Association.


Short about Icelandic Youth Association

The Icelandic Youth Association (UMFI) was founded in 1905. It is a national federation of sports and youth associations and 90.000 members (28 % of the Icelandic population).

The slogan of UMFI is “Cultivating the people and the country” it implies that the movement is characterized by strengthening the individual socially and physically as well as showing care and respect for the environment and the country.  UMFI was one of the founding members of ISCA in 1995.