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International Gymnastics Symposium highlights Turnfest 2017

The German Gymnastics Federation (DTB), the International Sports and Culture Association (ISCA), and the European Gymnastics Union (UEG) are inviting participants to be part of the new International Symposium Gymnastics for All, which will be held from 3-7 June 2017 as part of the “International German Gymnastics Festival” (Turnfest), which runs from 3-10 June. The programme is now available and registration is open until 28 April.


For the first time ever, the international symposium, with the motto “discover the exciting world of gymnastics for all”, will be held as part of the “International German Gymnastics Festival”, the world’s largest comprehensive sports festival.


Key topics addressed at the symposium will be:


  • Gymnastics as a tool for physical activity and sports for all promotion
  • International gymnastics festivals and events: Why? What? How?
  • Enhancing competences of instructors and leaders in Gymnastics for All


The highlight of the symposium will be the visit to the “Stadium Gala”, where we will describe on stage how an event of this magnitude was prepared and will be executed. With more than 6000 participants ranging from children to seniors, and 70,000 spectators, the Gala at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium will be the closing highlight of the “International Symposium Gymnastics for All”.


Additional guided tours of notable sights and special events and physical activities will also be available.


Not only does the symposium present the chance to exchange information and further personal development, it will also present an opportunity to network with international members of the gymnastics and Sport for All community.

All topics will be discussed in both theoretical and concrete/hands-on terms during a number of different sessions.


Individual participants can determine the length of their stay for themselves – please see the details enclosed in the “Conditions of participation” and “Cost of participation” sections in the PDF below.


We look forward to welcoming many participants to our festival and accompanying symposium.


International Symposium Gymnastics for All information (PDF, 0.63 MB)