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Integration through sports Grundtvig Workshop

Grundtvig Workshop - Integration through sports – intercultural sports

From 18th-24th of February, Context hosted an international workshop with the theme “Integration through sports-intercultural sports” supported by the Grundtvig programme which is a part of the Lifelong Learning Programme of European Commission.


The workshop enabled 16 young leaders from different European countries to reflect their interests, share their experiences and to learn about many different kinds of modules and methods that they can use in their own country or on international level for integration. Through the use of active participation and non-formal methods, the participants gained a wider vision on how many differences and similarities are between distinct cultures, tools for establishing necessary conditions for intercultural dialogue, capability to act in intercultural context and opportunity to know the program “integration through sports” that is used in Germany.


Context has been cooperating with the German Olympic Sports Confederation since 2005, and it is responsible for the development and national implementation of qualifications on intercultural competences for officials and trainers in sports within the programme “integration through sports”.


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