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How to organise your own European Mile event

Our European Mile How-To Toolkit is hot off the digital press and ready to guide you in delivering your own walking, running or rolling event. The Toolkit provides a 10-step practical plan on how to organise a European Mile event of any size and shape celebrating the joy of movement.


The 10-step toolkit provides organisers with information detailing simple steps, inspiration and resources to organise any type of European Mile event. The practical guide can be adapted to the organiser’s needs and opportunities that may present themselves in the local community. A fun run or walk, an event including roller skating, kids’ scooters, wheelchairs, handcycles or stair climbing – the possibilities reach far and wide. The European Mile is about completing, not competing, and enjoying moving again with friends, family, colleagues, or exploring the great outdoors.


The toolkit will help you to decide on the concept, size and location of your event – the most important first steps towards developing and implementing activities that will take place on the day of the event. It includes suggestions on how to identify and cooperate with partners, stakeholders and supporters, as this is an integral part of carrying out a successful event. Additionally, you will be guided through the free digital resources, promotion and communication advice and many other real life examples that are compiled in the European Mile toolkit for everyone wishing to make use of best practices around Europe.


You can find both the online and PDF format of the toolkit. Happy organising!


Remember to keep in mind how you can organise a safe and flexible event that complies with local regulations and research the Covid-19 restrictions in your local setting that apply to organising gatherings.


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If you are not interested in organising an event, but would like to participate, please have a look at our FAQ section for participants.

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By Nerijus Tabokas, ISCA

European Mile How To Toolkit (PDF, 0.88 MB)