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Get ready for MOVE Week 2014!

98% of MOVE Agents who organised events for MOVE Week 2013 said they would take part in MOVE Week 2014. Will you? If you want to be part of Europe’s biggest grassroots sport event from 29 September to 5 October, then stay tuned for the launch of our new MOVE Week website and our call for MOVE Agents on 11 June. There you will find all of the information, tools and tips you need to organise your event.

What is a MOVE Agent, you might ask?

A MOVE Agent is the most important link between the NowWeMOVE Campaign and citizens aound Europe. The MOVE Agent’s task is to coordinate an activity that gets people in their community moving during MOVE Week.


Who can a MOVE Agent be?

They can be anyone, from individuals to grassroots sport organisations, sport clubs, municipalities, schools, universities – the profile of a MOVE Agent is only limited to our imaginations:


They are neither men, nor women. They are not young or old. They are not black or white, tall or short, fat or slim. MOVE Agents have too many faces to be given only one.


MOVE Agents are people who believe sport and physical activity offer a solution for many health and social issues. They also believe being active is simply a fun thing to do!


MOVE Agents are people who enjoy being the leader; people who are entrepreneurs (one way... or another); people who care about people.


They are people who work under a strong sun, annoying rain or even in the snow.


They are people who volunteer.


They get high levels of satisfaction by seeing the others socialising and having fun while playing or doing something active.


They get sad to see an empty court or an abandoned park.


They are people who like to give others opportunities to become physically active.


Watch this space and become a MOVE Agent in 2014


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