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German physical activity levels have improved significantly in five years

The “Leisure-Monitor”, a regular representative study on leisure activities among Germans, reveals in its latest edition changes in the leisure behaviour of Germans between 2011 and 2016. One third more German citizens do physical activities and sport (at least once a week) today compared with 2011!


Activity in fitness centres increased by 26%, using a bicycle by 17% and sport activities by 16%. Seen in this light, physical activity and sport are the winners in this study, alongside internet and electronic media use. Social contact activities, however, appear to be the losers, with engagement in these having reduced significantly.


The “Leisure Monitor” may give advice for sport development strategies. The increasing need for physical activity and sport, the consciousness to do something more for wellbeing and health, as well as the potential of sport to promote social contact should be seen as a chance and challenge to encourage more citizens to become more active. The bottle is still half full.


By Herbert Hartmann, former ISCA Vice President, DTB