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Danish Sport for All Commission

Danish Sport for All Commission publish a report and 42 suggestions to develop “Sport for All”

Seven ministries, four national sport organisations, stakeholders from local governments and the private fitness sector have published a report on the Sport for All situation in Denmark. The report includes 42 recommendations to develop the access to and the participation in sport and physical activity.


The first recommendation from the Danish Sport for All Commission suggest the government to make a national action plan that guarantees that children and young people are doing a minimum of seven hours of sport and physical activity per week. The suggestion thereby follows up on the recommendations from World Health Organisation and European Union recent published Physical Activity Guidelines.
Other recommendations focus on the educative value of sport, Sport for All as a tool for social integration and the development of facilities and open areas.
The recommendations of the Danish Sport for All Commission stress the necessity of trans-sectoral cooperation including various ministries, NGOs and the private sector. The Sport for All commission was led by the Danish Ministry of Culture – which is the ministry responsible for sport in Denmark. See more at .

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