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Czech Sokol Organisation to host workshop on physical education in November

On 11-13 November, ISCA member Czech Sokol Organisation will host interactive workshops to inspire people working in physical education to allow more children and their parents to enjoy being physically active in a safe and supporting environment. The PaCH 2016 workshop is supported by ISCA and will explore the following themes, which take inspiration from the American Sokol Organisation, the recent Olympic and Paralympic Games, music and recycling:


Main themes of the workshop
  • The use of untraditional and innovative materials during the exercise of parents and children, preschool children.
  • How to motivate pre-schoolers to use recyclable materials during PE lessons
The workshop programme will include theoretical lectures (30 – 45 minutes) and practical lectures (45 – 60 min.)
Themes of practical workshops
  • Games for parents and children, pre-school children
  • Music and movement education
  • Creative ideas from Brazil for Olympic and Paralympic sports with recyclable materials
  • Developing creativity through a thematic team game "at the court of Emperor Charles the IV“  Psychomotor exercises with untraditional tools
Themes of theoretical lectures
  • Why recycle?
  • Theoretical aspects of psychomotor exercises
  • "How to Get Your Chid Involved“ - the experience of American Sokol Organization with programs for pre-school children


The workshops will be in English and Czech (and translations will be provided) and registration is open until 14 October.


Please download the PDF below for more information.


PaCH 2016 workshop programme (PDF, 0.78 MB)