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A month ahead of the MOVE Congress 2012 (24-26 October, São Paulo, Brazil.), our confirmed speakers, moderators and journalist from France, Denmark and Italy share their vision and expectations of the event.

Vision and challenges

The Move Congress offers the opportunity to meet with people bound together to enrich life through sport and culture… It is a valuable chance to share in people’s visions, challenges and hopes for sport for all… At previous conferences I have found friendship and understanding and a realisation that we have a lot of work to achieve if we wish to go further!

Jean Camy, Professor Emeritus, University of Lyon, France, MOVE Congress 2012 Speaker

Valuable international inspiration

"Taking part in the MOVE congresses and other ISCA-organized events has always inspired me as a journalist. Meeting likeminded and dedicated people from around the world for discussions and lectures about the knowledge, value and use of sport for all aimed at improving daily lives of people has always been a treat and expanded my vision of sport. As a journalist at the coming MOVE 2012 in São Paulo I look forward to receiving new insights which I can channel on to the Danish sports club and volunteers for future inspiration.

Steen Bille, Journalist, DGI, Danish Gymnastics and Sports Association

Future development

MOVE Congresses represent a tremendous opportunity to get to know more about projects, experiences and ideas which nourish sport for all around the world. It offers participants inspiration for future development, by learning from other’s experiences and results. Finally, it is a good way to meet people and develop new working relationships and friendship, and all be on the MOVE all together.”

Daniela Conti, Project Manager, UISP, Italy, MOVE Congress 2012 Speaker


To changes people`s lives

The Move Congress is a defining moment  in the field of recreational sport and physical activity. It brings together prominent lecturers, innovative project managers, pioneering politicians and ingenious practitioners, who all together are able -thanks to the intensity of their ideas- to change people’s lives.

Simone Digennaro, Grant Researcher, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, MOVE Congress 2012 moderator



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