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25 MOVES that changed the game for ISCA and our sector

To create change you need to MOVE first, make the right MOVEs, and keep MOVING ahead. Over the past 25 years, ISCA has done just that. As ISCA turns 25 in 2020, we look back at 25 game-changing MOVEs that helped propel our organisation and the physical activity sector forward.



Forming an international umbrella for sport for all

28 sport for all organisations establish the International Sport and Culture Association on 10 February 1995


Challenging the Pyramid Model

ISCA is the first sport organisation to challenge the Pyramid (participation feeding elite) Model of Sport Development


Connecting sport and health

ISCA members, led by German Gymnastics Federation, strengthen the links between recreational sport and health


From sport for all to MOVE

ISCA adopts the term “MOVE” as a brand encompassing all aspects of sport and physical activity


MOVE Congress

Sport for All Congress evolves into an active conference format for physical activity promoters worldwide




Becoming a major project incubator

ISCA is one of the most successful organisations in securing EU funding for projects – enabling us to build the capacities of hundreds of likeminded organisations


Youth on the MOVE

ISCA’s 60+ European Voluntary Service volunteers and 200+ youth project participants become physical activity change-makers

ISCA President brings 5 teddy bears to European Parliament

To illustrate that 300 out of 500 million Europeans are insufficiently physically active and gather support for ISCA’s “100 million people more active” (NowWeMOVE) campaign


NowWeMOVE campaign

Expands across Europe, to Latin America, then globally with a year-round calendar of events



“100 million more” vision and “MOVE” combine to create a week of physical activities 3 years before the European Week of Sport


MOVE Agents

ISCA invents the term MOVE Agents to describe individuals, organisations and entities who move people


NowWeMOVE slogan reveals the secret to getting active is “finding the move that moves you”

Good Governance in Grassroots Sport

Provides the biggest part of the sport sector (grassroots sport) with tools to assess and improve governance


NowWeMOVE song

MOVE Congress 2014 participants compose a NowWeMOVE campaign theme tune in 2 days!


#FindYourMOVE Mascot

ISCA triangle is transformed into a mascot promoting the #FindYourMOVE message


Inactivity Time Bomb

Advocacy campaign reveals the cost of physical inactivity in Europe is a staggering 500,000 deaths and €80 billion annually


No Elevators Day

A simple message to “Take the Stairs” spreads across the world on social media, to the European Parliament, several national parliaments and companies


NowWeBike tours

Physical activity ambassadors on 2 wheels cycle across Europe to promote active transport and European solidarity





NowWeMOVE flashmob gets over 9000 people in 155 cities dancing simultaneously


MOVEment Pills

Pill boxes that prescribe a health-enhancing drug called “physical activity”

MOVEment Spaces

A new way to view and redesign public space: as a space for people to be active


Human Right to MOVE

First NGO to adopt the Council of Europe Tbilisi Declaration protecting human rights in sport, in line with our mission to “empower organisations worldwide to enable citizens to enjoy their human right to move”


Grassroots Sport Diplomacy

Invented the term and concept Grassroots Sport Diplomacy underlining the potential of civil society to engage in international relations


ISCA Awards

“Alternative” award show with Lego trophies delivered to owners of best practices by skateboard


MOVE Transfer EU-China

Opening doors for grassroots sport leaders to experience unique intercontinental exchanges


Watch this space for more ISCA 25th Anniversary "flashbacks"