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The INTERNATIONAL SPORT AND CULTURE ASSOCIATION (ISCA) is your opportunity to connect across borders and sectors with likeminded stakeholders in the field of grassroots sport, recreation and physical activity. Our 180 members span across five continents and this network is ever expanding. We work closely with our member organisations, international NGOs, and the public and private sectors to embark on projects and campaigns that encourage broader participation in grassroots sport and physical activity. All of our initiatives aim at keeping grassroots sport high on the political agenda and influence policy making, as well as stimulating an exchange of knowledge and best practices.

Discover your organisation’s future in the grassroots sport sector



Keep your finger on the pulse and use ISCA’s networks to your advantage


  • I will be kept up-to-date with new trends and programmes in grassroots sport, including new funding streams


  • I will be part of a cross-sector collaborative network, spanning from international organisations to national federations, think tanks, NGOs and universities


  • I will have the opportunity to find out what other organisations and sectors are doing and learn from their experiences


  • I will be invited to participate in fully-funded capacity-building seminars and workshops connected to ISCA’s projects and events


  • I will have access to tools and resources developed by ISCA which will develop my organisation professionally (e.g. ISCA’s Good Governance tool, media relations kits, training and educational tools)



Strengthen your voice in international policy making


  • I will gain inspiration and assistance with advocacy/lobbying in my own country/region (including visits from ISCA Executive Committee members and staff)


  • My organisation will be part of ISCA’s continuous dialogue with international decision-makers, having the opportunity to participate in public hearings and take part in side events with other stakeholders


  • My organisation can be part of visible local, national and international activities that have both a political and practical impact


  • If I sign up as a member, one person from my organisation will be able to register for free for the next annual MOVE Congress



Raise your organisation’s local, national and international profile


  • ISCA’s projects and events (such as MOVE Week and the MOVE Congress) provide the perfect platform to promote and expand the reach of my organisation locally and internationally


  • Being involved in international projects and events I can present my organisation in my home country as a dynamic, connected and inspired stakeholder in grassroots sport


  • My organisation will play an active role in addressing the global inactivity crisis by being part of ISCA’s campaigns promoting physical activity such as NowWeMove


  • My organisation will put even more support behind the broadest-reaching civil society sector in the world – the grassroots sport sector



No other organisation in the sport sector is anywhere close to ISCA’s record

with regard to tendering and implementing EU funded projects.

– ISCA Secretary General Jacob Schouenborg


How has ISCA achieved such a strong position in the sport and physical activity sector?

ISCA has an outstanding track record in tendering and implementing externally funded projects and has earned high credibility vis-à-vis international institutions. ISCA has earned this recognition by consistently delivering initiatives that raise awareness of the benefits of sport and physical activity, make grassroots sports activities more attractive and accessible, and support others in developing activities and events that promote sport for all.


ISCA is its members Its members are ISCA

Complete our online membership form and become a co-owner of an international movement in grassroots sport


Who can apply?

Membership is open to non-govern¬mental idealistic organisations and other institutions which:

a) are engaged in sports and/or cultural activities;

b) are local, regional, national and international bodies;

c) are open to all without discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, religion or political affiliation.


How do I apply?

You can apply to become an ISCA member at any time of the year by filling in the application form which can be found here. The ISCA Secretariat will then send you a full application form for you to complete, sign and submit. Your application form will then be presented to the ISCA Executive Committee for approval. You will be informed as soon as your membership application is approved by the Committee, and your membership status will be officially announced at the next ISCA General Assembly.


How much does it cost?

Your annual membership fee will vary from US $25 to US $1000 depending on your organisation’s capacity and operating budget.


If you would like more information about ISCA membership, you are welcome to talk to a member of our Secretariat. Please send us an email at [email protected] to arrange a time.

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