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Agenda and Delegate File


I warmly welcome you to the ISCA General Assembly 2021. The General Assembly will be held in Brussels, Belgium.


The ISCA General Assembly will be held on Saturday 20th of November, following the 10th edition of the MOVE Congress with the title: “Reconnect. Rebuild. Restart”. This title is also very valid for the General Assembly, as the last couple of years have been quite different from what we expected at the latest General Assembly in October 2019. At that very nice occasion in Budapest, we were looking into the year 2020, where we at all our events would celebrate ISCAs 25th anniversary since the foundation of ISCA on 10th February 1995.


As we all know, it turned out very differently due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the following restrictions. Meetings with discussions of relevant topics, inspirational events and social gatherings within our organisations turned into social distancing, physical restrictions and a lot of online meetings and events.



A lot of grassroots sport and recreational physical activity are driven by the desire to meet other people – the social factor is important for the participants. It is the same ‘social fuel’ that drives most of our organisations - the volunteer trainers, coaches and organizational leaders.  In another word – YOU!


It is therefore a pleasure to welcome you to ISCA General Assembly 2021, where we will practice our democratic base of governance according to our statutes: We will elect an Executive Committee for 2021-2023 – and not least MEET again!


Welcome to the ISCA General Assembly 2021.


Mogens Kirkeby, President.

Candidates for elections

Nominated candidates to ISCA Executive Committee 2021-2023

According to ISCA Statutes nominations to ISCA Executive Committee should be received six weeks before the General Assembly (9th of October).

By the deadline for nominating candidates to ISCA Executive Committee 2021-2023 we had received the following nominations:


President (one position)

Mr Mogens Kirkeby (Nominated by DGI, Denmark 30th of September) - nomination letter - video presentation


Vice Presidents (two positions)

Ms Maria Luiza Souza Dias (Nominated by Sesc – Serviço Social do Comércio – in the State of São Paulo, Brazil 6th of October) - nomination letter - CV - motivation letter


Executive Committeemembers (five positions) in order of nominations received:

Ms. Ortiz De La Cruz, (Nominated by Fundación Pro Deporte y Recreaction para todos 4th of August) - nomination letter - video presentation

Ms. Daniela Conti (Nominated by UISP, Italy 7th of October) - nomination letter - cv - motivation letter

Prof. Dr. Mr Michael Tiemann (Nominated by German Gymnastics Federations, DTB 7th October) - nomination letter

Mr Patrice Roder (Nominated by UFOLEP, France 8th October) - nomination/motivation letter

Mr Jakub Kalinowski (Nominated by V4SPORT Foundation 9th October) - nomination letter

ISCA General Assembly 2021


Date and Time


Saturday 20 November 2021


08.30 – 9.00   Registration

09.00 – 14.00 ISCA General Assembly

14.00             Closure of ISCA General Assembly 2021


Programme of the General Assembly 2021


Agenda *


1. Opening and welcome by President Mogens Kirkeby

2. Election of two chairpersons

3. Round of presentations of delegates

4. Adoption of new members

5. Presentation of reports from

    • President
    • Committees

6. Reports from the Secretary General

    • Account
    • Budget (for adoption)

7. Decisions on

  • Strategy (‘future programmes’)
  • Budget
  • Membership dues

8. Elections:

  • One President
  • Two Vice Presidents
  • Five Executive Committee members

9. Proposals


* Besides the statutory defined agenda of the General Assembly, the Executive Committee suggests a session of thematic debates. The debates will take its starting points in the reality of our sector in the current global and national situation.


Important dates

According to ISCA Statutes candidates to positions in the ISCA Executive Committee (1 President, 2 Vice Presidents and 5 Members) should be nominated by informing the President at latest six weeks before the General Assembly. Emails with nominations should be to [email protected] and received by ISCA President at latest Saturday 9 October (12.00 CEST).


The nominations received by the President within the deadline will be shared with ISCA members four weeks before the General Assembly (23 October).


The Delegate File (materials for the General Assembly) will be uploaded to these pages as we get closer to the General Assembly.

Mandate letters

ISCA members have the possibility to bring a Mandate letter, which authorises one person to cast the votes in the General Assembly on behalf of that member organisation. This will make it easier for ISCA to identify the mandated representative. The template for the Mandate letter can be found here and should be completed/signed and brought to the General Assembly registration desk.

In case there are any doubts on the day of the General Assembly, ISCA reserves the right to examine whether the delegates at the General Assembly are the authorised representatives of their member organisation, and if necessary to annul any invalid votes cast.

Only full ISCA members who paid their membership fee for 2021 are eligible to vote at the General Assembly.