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ISCA Strategy 2018-2021


Please find below the draft strategy for ISCA 2018-2021.


It is prepared by the secretariat and reviewed by the Executive Committee. It is intended as an

overarching strategy, which needs to be fleshed out into action and action plans as we move along

after the General Assembly. You will find the ISCA strategy 2014-2017 in the Delegate File annexes below.

ISCA Draft Strategy 2018-2021 (PDF, 0.57 MB)

ISCA accounts 2016

Below you will find the ISCA Accounts 2016, as signed by the Exective Committee and audited by ISCA Auditor Buus Jensen.


ISCA Accounts (PDF, 0.64 MB)

Budget 2018 – 2019


Please find below the draft budget 2018-2019, which is prepared by the secretariat and reviewed by the Executive Committee, and for discussion and final adoption at the General Assembly.

Budget 2018-2019 (PDF, 0.14 MB)

Proposal for auditor

Recommendation from the Executive Committee on appointment of ISCA auditor:

After recommendation from the secretariat, evaluating the services of ISCA’s previous auditor, and seeking best value for money, the Executive committee recommends Buus Jensen to be the new auditor appointed by the General Assembly. Buus Jensen works mainly with small and medium sized organisations and have experience with non-profit organisations that run similar operating budgets as ISCA. For more information on Buus Jensen click here.

New members for adoption at the General Assembly


Below you will find the membership applications that the secretariat has received since the last General Assembly in 2015: 32 organisations have applied.

The secretariat has evaluated their statutes and their compatibility with ISCAs statutes and values, and the Executive Committee have accepted or rejected the applications. Below are the organisations proposed for ISCA membership

If you are interested in reading further documents of each applying organisation, please contact the ISCA secretariat.

ISCA Membership Applications (PDF, 1.09 MB)

Proposal for membership fee structure

The ISCA Executive Committee suggests an unchanged membership fee structure:


Fee Group 1 : Annual fee 1,000 USD

-  National organisations with an operational activity budget

-  International organisations with an operational activity budget

Fee Group 2 : Annual fee 500 USD

-  Regional and local organisations with an operational activity budget

-  National organisations with an activity budget at a minimum level

-  Regional and local organisations in economically privileged countries

-  Universities

-  Ministries

Fee Group 3 : Annual fee 200 USD

-  National organisations in economically less privileged countries

-  International organisations with very limited resources

-  Local and regional organisations with limited resources

-  Associated members

Fee Group 4 : Annual fee 25 USD

-  Local and regional organisations from developing countries / economically less privileged countries

-  Local and regional organisations without an operational budget


In light of the proposed ISCA strategy 2018-2021, with a focus on developing the ISCA Membership offer, the ISCA secretariat suggests that the Executive Committee be given a mandate by the General Assembly to revise the membership fee structure before the next General Assembly in 2019, if needed.

Since the membership fee is a decision of the General Assembly, the secretariat suggests that any change decided by the Executive Committee should affect only new members and that current members can continue in the current structure if they so wish.

A new membership fee structure decided upon would in any case be up for review and adoption at the General Assembly in 2019.