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Delegate file 2017

Full Delegate File 2017 in pdf can be found here

Below you can find the elements of the file.

Welcome to the ISCA General Assembly 2017 in Birmingham

I warmly welcome you to the ISCA General Assembly 2017.  This year the General Assembly will be held in Birmingham, UK in connection with the 2017 MOVE Congress with the title the Human Right to MOVE.


The General Assembly is the highest authority and the most important governance meeting of our organisation. The General Assembly is the occasion to meet among members of ISCA and to set the direction for the coming two years. We shall as well elect the Executive Committee members for the coming two year period. A democratic, transparent and involving attitude is a fundamental principle for ISCA. That goes for both the Executive Committee and the Secretariat.


We are looking very much forward to sharing the initiatives and outcomes since the General Assembly 2015 and as well as discussing future challenges and solutions for our sector.  We rely on your opinion and contributions.

ISCA is its members and the members are ISCA - all together we are MOVING PEOPLE.


Once again thank you for taking an active part in the governance of ISCA. Welcome to the ISCA General Assembly 2017.


Mogens Kirkeby, President


All individuals that are attending the General Assembly on behalf of their organisation should bring a mandate letter signed by the legal representative of their organisation in order to be able to vote on behalf of the organisation. You can find a sample mandate letter here.

ISCA General Assembly 2017 Programme

ISCA General Assembly 2017 – AGENDA and PROGRAM

Date: Saturday 7th October 2017


Venue: Birmingham Conference & Events Centre,

Room: Merican 2


General timeframe:


  • 09.00 – 11.00 ISCA General Assembly – part 1
  • 11.00 – 11.30 Coffee break
  • 11.30 – 13.30 ISCA General Assembly – part 2
  • 13.30 – 14.00 Closing
  • 14.00 – 15.00 Lunch



1. Opening and welcome by the President of ISCA, Mogens Kirkeby

2. Election of two chairpersons for the General Assembly

3. Adoption of the Agenda

4. Round of presentation of delegates and guests

5. Adoption of new members

6. Report by President

7. Committee and Network Reports

8. Report of the Secretary General

  • ISCA accounts 2016
  • ISCA Budget 2018 - 2019 (for adoption)
  • ISCA membership fee 2018 (for adoption)
  • ISCA Auditor is proposed to be Buus Jensen (for adoption)


9. Elections


10. ISCA Strategy 2018 -2021


11. Proposals:

  • Members can forward proposals they would like the General Assembly to deal with to the President prior to the General Assembly.

12. Invitations and messages from members

13. Miscellaneous

14. Closure of the General Assembly 2017


The General Assembly will include a special external intervention from Mr Paolo GUIDI, Sport Adviser at the Youth and Sports Department of the City of Paris

President’s report 2016-2017

The President's report this year is in the format of a video presentation (8:54) and you can watch it by clicking here.

Secretary General Report 2016-2017

The Secretay General report from Jacob Schouenborg comprises four parts:


1) The ISCA Annual Report 2016:

2) The complete list of ISCA externally funded projects 2015-2017. Please refer to the annex below.

3) A Slide Presentation that illustrates how the strategic goals have been fulfilled. You can find the presentation here.

4) Oral report at the General Assembly


Elections for ISCA Executive Committee 2017 - 2019


The process for election of members for the executive committee follows from the ISCA statutes that you can find further below.


By the deadline for nominations (Saturday 26 of August) the following candidates had submitted nomination letters:


For the five posts to be ISCA Executive Committee member, the following three nominations were received.



Nominated for Executive Committee member:

Liliana Ortiz - nomination letter - CVvideo candidature

Detlef Mann - nomination letter

Jakub Kalinowski - nomination letter



For the two posts for ISCA Vice President, the following three nominations were received.


Nominated for Vice Presidents:

Toni Padilla Llop - nomination letter

Maria Luiza Souza Dias - nomination letter - CV - video candidature


For nomination to the post of ISCA president, the following nomination was received.


Nominated for President:

Mogens Kirkeby - nomination letter - video candidature


According to ISCA Statutes this mean that for President, Vice Presidents and three posts of the Executive Committee the General Assembly shall cast votes “for” or “against”.

For the two posts to ISCA Executive committee members to which we have not received nominated candidates before the six weeks deadline it is until the General Assembly possible to receive nominations. In case of more than two candidates the General Assembly delegates will be able to give two votes and the two nominated with most votes are elected for ISCA Executive Committee 2017-2019.

Nominated for Executive Committee member (after 26 August):

Philippe Machu - nomination letter - CV - video candidature


Carlo Balestri - nomination letter