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Secretariate Update: Staff

By Jacob Schouenborg, Secretary General

Marvin Radford External Relations Manager

E-mail: [email protected]


Working areas: Project Development, Fundraising, Partner Development


Marvin is our key staff to raise funds for ISCA secretariat and activities. He has had a decisive hand in the general support that ISCA receives from the European Commission Youth Programme, and is constantly exploring new opportunities, including the European Commission Citizenship programme as well as private companies.


Marvin is responsible also for fundraising efforts for the MOVE congress which has been very successful so far.


Nevertheless, Marvins perhaps most important contribution to ISCA is his ability to discover and pursuit new partnerships and external relations, always giving an innovative touch to the ISCA approach.

Jean-Luc Frast Public Relations Manager

E-mail: [email protected]

Working areas: External communication, member relations, internal communication, branding and profiling, new media.


Jean-Luc is since 2009 responsible for qualifying ISCA communications, which is a key priority for the secretariat. Jean-Luc has devised and lead the process to define the ISCA vision, mission and tag line, and is currently developing the ISCA brand and new promotional materials.


Jean-Luc makes sure ISCA public relations such as ISCA web site and newsletters are continuously updated and sent, and is thus contributing greatly to ISCAs visibility in a qualified way.


Jean-Luc’s touch is visible in all ISCA secretariat initiated events – and most recently the MOVE 2009 congress. Though technically only in the office part time alongside with his studies, Jean-Luc seems to be visible and contributing in all office matters!

Saska Benedicic Tomat Project Manager

E-mail: [email protected]

Working area: Project Manager of Physical Activity Towards a Healthier Europe


Saska is living and working from Slovenia, and yet stays in close contact with the ISCA office in Copenhagen. She is coordinating the biggest and most important ISCA secretariat run project: PATHE. Her work is based on enthusiasm, personal engagement and very skillful project management, and she is building active working relations between ISCA and more than 20 organisations and members in Europe.

Hanne Müller Project Manager

E-mail: [email protected]

Working areas: NSU, Southeast Europe


Hanne is part time Secretary General for Nordic Youth Associations, part time Project Manager for ISCA. She is presently doing a fantastic job coordinating the MOVE 2009 programme, and is also anchor person for the efforts in the areas of health, South East Europe and Leadership development that ISCA is doing with DGI. We are very happy that Hanne will be a permanent staff of ISCA from 1. January 2010.

Tatiana Camargo

E-mail: [email protected]

Working areas: Support to the ISCA Latin America Continental Chairperson. 


Tatiana works from the ISCA Latin America Secretariat in Sao Paolo, Brazil. She is responsible for a range of international activities in SESC, and is at the same time the main coordinator and contact person for ISCA activities. Tatiana is enthusiastically keeping in contact with the Copenhagen office, and we look forward to receiving her for an extended stay in Copenhagen after the MOVE2009 congress.

Auður Kjartansdóttir Youth Officer

Email: [email protected]

Working areas: ISCA Youth Network, youth activities and training, youth coordination.


Audur is working in the ISCA office as through the European Voluntary Service (EVS) programme. She is an active member of the UMFI Youth Committee and is working both on ISCA and NSU matters while in Copenhagen. We benefit from her systematic and positive approach to her tasks as well as the strong link to UMFI.

Sorin Buruiana Youth Network Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

Working areas: ISCA Youth Network, youth activities and training, youth coordination.


Sorin has joined the office as EVS in Copenhagen since August, and we are glad to have him until May 2010; because we still have much to learn from him! Sorin is very skillful and experienced in international youth project management and indeed an efficient, lively and inspiring figure in the ISCA office. Apart from youth project and –network coordination, Sorin will be contributing to ISCA organizational development throughout his stay.

Kasper Mølgaard Project Manager

E-mail: [email protected]


Working areas: Youth Project Management


Kasper has been an active part of the ISCA Youth Committee and ISCA Youth Work for several years, and was at one time also an intern in the office. He is working free lance for ISCA, and has basically been the one to call when there is a problem that cannot be solved! Recently, he has facilitated the ISCA Vivicitta youth seminar 2008 and the ISCA Balkan Youth and Sport Forum 2009 with good success – and a smile!

Nils Bradtberg Project Manager

E-mail: [email protected]


Working areas: Project Management


Nils has been in the ISCA office since spring as an intern. He has planned and executed a study trip to Berlin regarding integration and sport, to the great satisfaction of the participants. Nils will conclude his stay with ISCA with an evaluation of the MOVE congress in combination with his studies. No matter what the challenges, Nils stays focused on the task and hand, and gets the job done.