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Secretariate update - Projects

2009 has seen the following main projects and priorities for the ISCA office
• PATHE: 2009 is the second to last year of the project, and 2009 has been full of activities in the form of consultations and twinning meetings between the Associate Partners (SUS, DGI, USEP and UISP) and their (more that 15) Collaborating Partners. We have also translated the SUS “Diary of My Health” into English to use as a Pathe product (ready for the congress) – thank you to SUS! See more here.
• SET training: co-funded by Council of Europe Youth Foundation and European Commission Youth in Action programme, UMFI and ISCA organized this one-week training course for 25 people on social inclusion through large scale sport events – in Aukyreyi, Iceland.
• Balkan Youth and Sport Forum: co-funded by Council of Europe Youth Foundation, ISCA with our partners from Bosnia “Under the same sun” and “Lets be active” organized this regional event for 35 young people from South East Europe, based on the experience from the European Youth and Sport Forums.
• External communication in ISCA has been prioritized in 2009, and has lead to the formulation of a mission, vison, tag line and values of ISCA, as well as to the conception of new ISCA promotion material that will be ready for the General Assembly. Also, the web site has been updated and can now boast videos, maps and further “feeds” from external sources. At the same time, we have worked to update the ISCA member database.


Upcoming projects:
• MOVE2009 congress: This year’s congress is an important part of the ISCA strategy to invite for and establish partnerships with related organizations in Sport for All as well as with other sectors. The international consortium counts CESS, European Cyclist Federation, Streetfootballworld and Union of International Architechts. Donors and national partners include European Commission, Danish Foundation for Sport Facilities, Danish Cancer Society, Municipality of Copenhagen, Danish center for Sport and Architecture, Sport Event Denmark, Danish Year of sport 2009 and Realdania Foundation.
• Youbuild! Is a partnership-building activity for 25 young people executed in November 2009 in Czech Republic together with CASPV, funded by the European Commission Youth in Action Programme
• Global Dialogue is a youth training course on intercultural dialogue that is funded by the Council of Europe and will be executed in June 2010, possibly in Slovenia together with SUS.
• Multimeasure youth project: ISCA has applied for and received positive indication of support for two additional youth trainings, one evaluation meeting and youth networking activities to be done in 2010 and 2011.
• Congress 2010 has been decided to be in Frankfurt, hosted kindly by DTB. There will likely be an international youth event in connection with the congress.
• We are awaiting answer from the European Commission Sport Unit on our proposal for a large scale health-focused project among European ISCA members to share and develop health-enhancing sport activities
• ISCA networks: We have assigned staff contacts for each of the ISCA networks, and will focus on using this contact to enhance the value of the ISCA networks for ISCA members.