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ISCA Network Reports

Environment and Sport Network Chair: UFOLEP

Environment and Sport Network
The ISCA network on Sport and Environment is organized with an overall aim of promoting sustainable development and environment protection within the Sport for All movement. ISCA has been involved in the field of sport and sustainable development since 2003, when it signed a memorandum of understanding with UNEP. Since then several ISCA member organizations have taking up the challenges of adopting an environmentally-friendly approach in which sport and nature are interrelated.

The network serves as a platform for exchanging knowledge and inspiration and for providing learning opportunities and  access to new partnerships in the field of sport and environment.

Network partner organizations
The following partner organizations are active in the network:
The network leader UFOLEP - France
SUS – Slovenia
UISP – Italy
JUUS – Germany
UMFI – Iceland
SALSC – Scotland
NKS – The Netherlands
Atemia - France

Past activities in the network
- The Network itself was established in October 2007
- First meeting in the network held in Paris on January 7 and 8, 2008
- Report “Environmental  Commitments” published  containing an overview of environmental commitments of ISCA member organizations.   
- Network meetings held in connection with ISCA’s General Assemblies in 2007 in Kuala Lumpur and in 2008 in Barcelona
- Request made to UNEP to join the international working group on environment management through sport

Future strategies and activities in the network
-The network’s work currently revolves around fulfilling four main objectives: 1. Transform current sport events to eco-friendly manifestations, 2. Create a policy and plan the conception of different communication tools, 3. Create training opportunities for managers and event organizers, and 4. Create new partnerships.
-A  European training on  Sustainable Development, CarbonFoot© print and ASSER© Method (Eco-friendly Sport events) will be held in Paris 18-22 January 2010. The training is financed by the EU-programme Grundtvig.

The network is open for all and we welcome all organizations with an interest in the field of sport and environment. More information about the network can be obtained by contacting the network leader Mr. Jean-Claude Besnard (UFOLEP) by e-mail [email protected] or the ISCA office: [email protected]



Health and Sport Network Chair: DGI and DTB

ISCA Health Network – report for GA Delegate File 2009
The ISCA Health Network held its first meeting in Frankfurt, Germany from 6-8 March 2009.  This meeting was hosted by DTB. 13 organizations confirmed their participation in the network while additional organizations will be welcome to join in the future.  The network consists of working groups in the areas of Quality Marks, Education, Children in School/Kindergarden, Parents and Children, Seniors, and Healthy Clubs.  Network members are committed to sharing information and experiences of their respective organizations including upcoming initiatives for bi-lateral or multi-lateral cooperation with other network members.  

Upcoming activities:
May 2010 Network members can participate in the PATHE closing conference.
October 2010 Network conference.
Health Network contact:  Anders K. Jespersen [email protected] and Pia Pauly [email protected] .

Facility Management Network

A number of non-profit ‘Sport for All’ organisations are managing facilities in the field of sport, culture and tourism. Non-profit organisations managing facilities faces operates in the same field, with the same non-profit perspectives and in some cases very different from the ‘for-profit’ companies managing facilities on 100% commercial basis.
ISCA members manage several hundreds of facilities, ranging from the small sports hall to large sport, culture and tourism centres.


To assist the inspiration and knowledge-sharing on facility management within the ‘Sport for All’ sector.
To inspire and to initiate contacts and cooperation between facility operators and managers.


Activities of the Network for Facility Management
The network will start with sharing knowledge via e-mail and the ISCA web site. However, if Network partners would like to initiate other Network activities, such as meetings, seminars, study visits, the ISCA Secretariat would be glad to assist.



The following organisations have indicated interest in a cooperation on the topic Facility Management:


SESC Sao Paulo, Brasil.
Facility page:
Contact: Mrs. Maria Luiza Souza Dias.


INATEL foundation, Portugal
Contact: Mr Rui Lanca


German Gymnastics Federation, (DTB) Germany
Contact: Mrs Pia Pauly


Ungmennafelag UMFI, Iceland.
Contact: Mrs Helga Gudjonsdottir and Mr Sæmeundur Runolfsson


Ubae/Eurofitness Catalonia, Spain.
Contact: Mr Toni Llopp


Danish Gymnastics Association (DGI), Denmark.
Contact: Mr Per Nedergaard Rasmussen


Scottish Association of Local Sports Councils /South Lanarshire Leisure.
Contact: Mr Gerry Campbell and Mr Millar Stoddart


The communication between all organisations who had indicated interest to join a Facility Management Networks was established in October 2009.


The Network is open and interested organisations can contact ISCA secretariat to join the Network.


Gymnastics Network Chair: Campinas/Elizabeth Paoliello

ISCA Gymnastics Network has as its main objectives to promote an understanding among people across borders through Gymnastics and to encourage international participation among affiliated organizations.


To extend those objectives, the network has been working to create and stimulate events and experiences in Gymnastics, discuss and define policies and programs, develop international exchanges at seminars, conferences, training courses and festivals, disseminate relevant information and develop actions to improve Gymnastics as part of the Sport for All movement.


Network partner organizations
The following partner organisations have been active in the network:
- UNICAMP – Brazil
- DGI – Denmark
- SAGCON – Malaysia
- Svoli – Finland
- DTB – Germany
- CASPV – Czech Republic
- Club Deportivo BLUME – Spain.


Future strategies and activities in the network
The Gymnastics Network is now at an important moment of evaluation and definition of the goals, that should be interesting for the organizations already involved in it, as well as for other organizations affiliated to ISCA that may participate in the future. 


The network members have up to the General Assembly been discussing important points like:  expectations, interest areas, structure, organization and strategies to define an efficient action plan for the future work.


We would like to invite all the organizations working in the gymnastics field to join the Gymnastics Network. More information and contact can be found here.

Badminton Network Chair: DGI

The ISCA Badminton Network has been active for 6 years. The purpose of the network is to continuously develop badminton in our countries, both at a national and international level.
ISCA Badminton Network aims to be the platform
• creating network between badminton leaders and organizations
• where we discover a variety of badminton perspectives and ideas
• for development through international cooperation
• for partnership agreements


Network partner organisations
The Network consists of 20 organisations, among these
• DGI, Denmark (Network Leader)
• Czech Sokol, Czech Republic
• Scottish Associations of local Sport Councils, Scotland
• UFOLEP, France
• Iceland Badminton Samband and UMFI, Iceland
• Lithuanian Badminton Federation, Lithuania

• USK ISKRA Babimost, Poland

• Greenland Sport Confederation

All organizations interested in “Badminton for all” are most welcome to contact the network leader or the ISCA secretariat.


Past activities in the network
The network’s recurring activities include
• ISCA Badminton Festival (every 2 years)
• Other open tournaments by network members
• Youth Camp (14-18 years) every year
• Coach/player Camp (18-30 years) every year
• Badminton Culture and Tourism Trips
• Special events (national festivals etc.)
• Badminton network meetings


Future strategies and activities in the network
The latest badminton network meeting was held in Reykjavik, Iceland from 2-4 October 2009. It was decided to continue the above activity schedule, and tasks were divided accordingly.

The network has also devised a plan whereby the core members are to recruit further interested members to the network. This will improve the sustainability and sharing of tasks in the network.

It is the intention of the network that members should inspire each other with their national or local badminton initiatives to enhance each organisation’s continued development. To this end, the communication between members in the network will be strengthened in the coming year.

Active Seniors Network Chair: UFOLEP / SALSC

ISCA Active Seniors Network – report for GA Delegate File 2009
The ISCA Active Seniors Network held a meeting from 8-12 October in Orleans, France.  This meeting was hosted by UFOLEP. 6 organizations have joined this network and have begun bi-lateral and multi-lateral initiatives.  
Upcoming activities:

Active Seniors Network contact: Jean-Claude Besnard  [email protected] 



Youth Network

The ISCA Youth Network is a large group of more than 1500 young people that are active in Youth, Sport and Culture organizations in their respective countries and communities. They continue to receive updates and possibilities inside the ISCA portfolio.


The Youth Network has been supported and sustained by the ISCA office, and it is volunteers from the network and the office staff that have developed and executed numerous youth projects over the years – including youth trainings, EVS projects, exchanges, training manuals, web platforms (YOURCE), European Youth and Sport Forum etc.


Network partner organisations
Any individual can sign up to be part of the ISCA youth network and receive information. In that way, the network is not similar to the other ISCA networks that are based on organizations. However, in 2009, a number of ISCA organizations have been identified with a special interest and competence in youth work, and they have nominated a youth representative each. These organizations are
• USEP, France
• SOKOL, Chech Republic
• SESC SP, Brasil
• UMFI, Iceland
• SALSC, Scotland
• DGI, Denmark
• NSU (Nordic Youth Associations)
The young representatives from these organizations will take up a special responsibility to continue to develop the activities and strategy of the ISCA Youth Network.


Recent activities in the youth network
In the Youth area, two events were executed in 2009:
• SET training, Iceland (with UMFI)
• Balkan Youth and Sport Forum


Future strategies and activities in the network
Many of the youth representatives will meet during the MOVE2009 congress. In addition, a partnership-building activity will be run in Czech Republic in November for 26 young people from 12 countries. In 2010, a new edition of the European Youth and Sport Forum is planned, and the youth work has received grants for three further one-week youth events in 2010, focused on intercultural dialogue, environment and health, respectively. Finally, a number of European Voluntary Service programmes will be implemented.


Contact: Sorin Buruiana, Youth Coordinator, ISCA


Active Children Chair: USEP

Active Children Network
Sport activities for children are indeed an important area for sport for all organizations, both with respect to considerations of recruitment of members as well as organizational profiling. Children and the challenges that are specific to this population group currently enjoy great political attention in many countries.
The Active Children network serves as a platform for exchanging knowledge and inspiration on children activity, discovering new trends in the field, initiating and implementing international projects and facilitating access to international childrens’ festivals.

Network partner organizations
The following partner organizations are active in the network:
The network leader USEP – France
- UCEC – Catalonia, Spain
UISP – Italy
DGI - Denmark

Past activities in the network
- The ISCA Active Children Network met for the first time in Paris on November 16, 2006.
- Network meetings were held in connection with ISCA’s General Assemblies in 2007 in Kuala Lumpur and in 2008 in Barcelona.

Future strategies and activities in the network
The activities children’s group wishes to address children from 6 to 12 years.
The network is currently in a process of defining its future work objectives and developing current and new activity areas. It would be interesting for both “old” and new members of the network to take part in this process.
The network is open for all and we welcome all organizations with an interest in the field of activities for children. More information about the network can be obtained by contacting the network leader Mr. Jean-Claude Arnaud (USEP) by e-mail:  [email protected] or the ISCA office: [email protected]