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A true physical activity pioneer turns 50 Tribute to Anton Shkoza


Some times, we come across personalities that just stand out. Stand out for their ability to persevere in the face of adversity. Stand out for their continuous contribution to local communities, and to promote grassroots sport and physical activity.


On July 1st, we celebrate the 50th birthday of one such personality: Anton Shkoza!



With amazing energy, self-sacrifice and personal drive, he has been promoting Judo for children in Albania for decades, and with fantastic ambition and openness to opportunity – as long as it served the children, their health and happiness.


Virtually the founder of Judo in Albania, Anton has been contributing on local level as well as giving opportunities for children to go abroad with their sport and their curiousity and appetite for life.


People around Anton describe him as passionate, relentless and positive.


From International Sport and Culture Association, we honor Anton on his birthday with all the respect that he deserves. We need more people like Anton!