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Integration Through Sport

Many sport for all organisations are involved in the question of Integration Through Sport and this number is rapidly increasing. This social political topic is increasingly on the agendas in sport for all organisations.


However few organisations are beyond the critical mass, when it comes to involvement in work with intercultural dialogue and integration through sport. In other words, it is not very high on the agendas.


Finally, very few organisations have a Corporate Social Responsibility – or an Organisational Social Responsibility included in its general policy.


At this website we will share experiences, projects and challenges within integration through sport. We would like to hear about your interest or initiative in this field. You can send your project descriptions or questions to us by e-mail.


Below you will find examples of national integration through sport campaigns and projects.


Integration via Fan gourps - Mondiala antiracista (PDF, 23.25 KB)

Integration through play and sport in Switzerland (PDF, 61.01 KB)

Integration of youth in Chteauroux France (PDF, 18.92 KB)