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World Alliance of Sport for All

Alliance of Sport for All

There are different international NGO bodies operating within the area of ‘sport for all’. With a deep respect for each other’s history, traditions and differences, we recognise each other as autonomous organisations.


Although the international associations in the field of ‘sport for all’ are, to some extent, quite different in activities and member profiles, the organisations have much in common related to philosophies and objectives.


The world of ‘sport for all’ is very diverse, and the existing and future international structures need to protect this diversity. At the same time there is a need of an even stronger focus and voice from the world of ‘sport for all’. A strong alliance between the different existing ‘sport for all’ organisations would create the foundation for more effective influence, and could provide the level of international cooperation necessary to reach the common goals of all those who cherish the values of ‘sport for all’.