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ISCA North America Report

By Kelly Murumets


Since the last General Assembly in Sao Paulo, and in agreement with ISCA President and ISCA Vice Presidents, my work for ISCA has focused on the following elements. Some elements relate to specific North American opportunities; some, more general development:


  • Developing ISCA’s work with Corporate Partnerships, based on the experience of ISCA member ParticipACTION from Canada and its Partnership Protocol. In particular, we are working on developments for the NowWeMove Campaign.
  • Contributing to ISCA’s involvement with the (US-based) Nike initiated Designed to Move Framework for Action.
  • Continuous dialogue with US President’s Council on Fitness, Sport and Nutrition.
  • Exchanging experiences from ParticipACTION campaigns, in particular with Colombia, Brasil and the European NowWeMove campaign. Establishment of a global Campaign Expert Group in ISCA, with participation from Canada and US.
  • Involving the ParticipACTION Network in ISCA activities and exchange.