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ISCA Latin America Report 2013

ISCA Latin America has as its main objectives to develop the philosophy of ISCA and Sport for All movement in the continent, taking into account the cultural diversity of the countries and members. To engage active institutions related to SFA in ISCA and to intensify the contact and communication to the members, promoting as many exchanges as possible between border countries, to identify the stakeholders aiming the development of actions in the field of SFA and enlarge the network.


Actions since General Assembly 2012


International Gymnastics Course - Peru – 21-23 March 2013 – Unicamp/Universidad Mayor de San Marco / ISCA

National Danish Performance Team - As part of the world tour the NDPT visited Colombia and Brazil during February and March 2012, offering workshops and performances in different sport centers and schools. In Colombia the team was hosted by SENA – Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (National Learning Service) and Instituto de Recreación y Deporte de Bogota (Recreation and Sport Institute of Bogotá). In Brazil SESC São Paulo and UNICAMP were responsible for the tour organisation.


Scholarships – International Youth Leader Education - 10 students from Latin America stayed at the Academy of Physical Education in Viborg/DK and 6 students at the Academy of Physical Education in Ollerup/DK to attend the IYLE – International Youth Leader Education during the year of 2013.


Agreement – SENA – Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (Colombia) x ISCA - The agreement has been signed between the organizations to develop international cooperation programs in the sport for all fields.


Challenge Day - On the last Wednesday of May the 19th edition of Challenge Day took place in the Latin America continent. This year the event featured the participation of 3,415 cities in 22 countries, with the engagement of more than 48 million people. ISCA was once again present with the partnership in outreach materials, reaching the total production of 12,200 coordinator guides / 231,000 brochures / 100.000 electronic  flyers /331,00 posters/ 153,000 certificates plus videos, jingles and web site.


Latin American Alliance of Sport for All – On 2013 the first meeting was held in the São Paulo city with the participation of association representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Suriname and Venezuela. The Alliance has as its main objective to promote and disseminate the development, information and training in the area of ​​sports and physical activities, respecting the cultural differences of each country involved. Also adding skills and values ​​based on successful projects of the country members, and on the support of institutions for cooperation and implementation of SFA programs.


MOVE BRASIL Campaign - In the coming years, Brazil will host two of the world's major sporting events - FIFA World Cup 2014 and the Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016. Facing these facts and dealing with questions that foresee a pressing need for changes and inspired by the model of European MOVE, SESC proposed an unprecedented and ambitious multiparty action with other institutions to launch the bases of MOVE BRASIL, in São Paulo, during the MOVE Congress 2012. It’s a campaign committed to join efforts, call for and add new partners to increase the amount of sport and physical activities practitioners in the country, along four years. The Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA), Athletes for Citizenship, Olympic Public Authority (APO), International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA), Ministry of Sport and Ministry of Health are seminal actors of this campaign.

Among its action strategies, MOVE BRASIL intends to identify the sport and physical activity routines of Brazilian population, through a national survey and to propose new indicators and targets to be achieved until 2016.


WEEK MOVE BRASIL 2013 - From 22 to 29 September, special activities were held to educate the public about the importance of sports and physical activities. Such event aimed to bring the diversity of possible practices, so that people could find the one which they identify themselves the most.  21 Brazilian states and 15 State Capitals promoted bike tours and more than 250 other sports activities were scheduled in São Paulo State.


Proposals for 2013/2014

VII International Forum of General Gymnastics

State University of Campinas – UNICAMP, in partnership with Social Service of Commerce – SESC, from the State of Sao Paulo and supported by ISCA, will organize the VII International Forum of General Gymnastics from 16 – 18th October 2014, in the city of Campinas - Sao Paulo, Brazil.


MOVE BRASIL – Development of the campaign involving different organizations and public.

General Actions

To increase the number of ISCA members in Latin America mainly focused on national organizations working in the field of Sport for All.


To create initiatives and take the opportunities to call the public and authorities attention, to the importance of SFA in contrast to the elite sport, taking into account the mega events that will take place in Brazil in the next years.

To recruit youngsters to attend the IYLE program and stimulate them to exchange their experiences when returning to their institutions, by developing projects in SFA.


Elizabeth Paoliello

ISCA Latin America