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ISCA Europe Report 2013

The European dimension of ISCA developed in the last year primarily through the work done inside the projects funded by European Union, the participation to working and follow-up meetings proposed by European Institutions, the growth of the campaign Now We Move and of its flagship event MOVE Week.


We have also participated to the World Social Forum, in collaboration with our French and Italian members UFOLEP and UISP, and Ligue de l’enseignement, with the aim to establish steady relationships to widen ISCA activity in the Mediterranean basin.


The main aim that we decided in Sao Paulo last year was the insertion of MOVE Week, and it´s financing, among the Special Annual Events of European Parliament has been reached, thanks to lobbying work that involved several member organisations in showing to national MEP`s that it would have been a good choice.


Now it’s time to give continuity to this financing reaching the insertion of MOVE Week in the 2014budget, even if EU financial crisis and cuts disposed by national governments will make this goal not easy to be reached.


ISCA Europe born as a reality focused on political relations with Institutions and continental networks.


2014 will be a very important year, almost crucial, for the future of political Europe. The economical crisis made our continent the most vulnerable in terms of GDP. In the majority of Member Countries unemployement and poverty are growing alarmingly. Even in the founders countries skepticism and hostility towards the European institutions start to be spread, seen as distant and hostile regarding the material life of the citizens.


From this situation, which threatens the very existence of the European institutions, we can exit only through the political and democratic strengthening of Europe.
Not only common coin and market, a place of confrontation among governments, but a true political union of peoples and states, which speaks to the world with one voice and make binding decisions about all the key issues of economy and society.


Sport world lives this difficulty. Our organisations are trying to be innovative towards proposals of sports activities and the management of activities and facilities, to answer a demand of sport that seeks low cost and often completely self-managed solutions.

ISCA is committed to support and coordinate these innovative practices, but grassroot sport will not succeed if the new European institutions will not invest on it, on its social and economic value, on its ability to produce growth of human capital, of labor and well-being.


The European elections will produce a first important reform: the European parliament will appoint the President of the European Commission, the governance of Europe. This will force the different political groups to propose candidates and programs for a "European government" to the citizens.


ISCA will have to be on dialogue with all parties to ask for grassroot sport to be present in the programs of the government as a central point of health, labor and education policies. We will have to defend the funding of the 2014-2020 European program on sport and ask for it to be oriented on the priorities of grassroot sport.


Move week will be our passport. Sport can build Europe. The dialogue and the exchange of events and good sports practices can be for the new Europe what Erasmus programme was in its first phase of existence.


We propose to strengthen the ISCA Europe Task Force, and we ask for a commitment to member organisations to combine to our lobbying work in Europe a lobbying work in their own countries.


2014 will be the moment to verify the political success of our initiative and to equip, and renew, ISCA Europe so that it can best fulfill its role in the new European social and political situation.